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Diabetes blood sugar level is obtained when you perform a blood sugar test, and it is of most value especially when diabetes symptoms are noticed.

The most important thing is to learn how to correctly measure your blood glucose levels and carefully interpret the results by your own. If you find any difficulty, go and pay a visit to your doctor.

How to recognize if you have diabetes?

If the results you get are > 200 mg/dl, you are in a dangerous zone. Diabetes complications, heart stroke or even death are one step from you. Be careful!

I am just emphasizing the importance of your current health situation. At the same time, you can take total control of blood sugar through simple and natural steps.

They include lifestyle and dietary strategies changes that can give you a hand in lowering high sugar in blood and beating diabetes naturally.

Another important fact is to have a good understanding of what a normal sugar level is, what the range for your case as a diabetic is, and how far you can achieve it.

Diabetes blood sugar level - Understanding the tests

The tests you need to perform are pretty easy. You may also try them at home through a practical home-testing kit and have the results whenever and wherever you want.

However, you must also learn how to read the results by yourself correctly.

Keep in mind that your testing results are different each time you perform the test. That's why it is useful to have knowledge on different types of tests and the related diabetes blood sugar levels in order to avoid misunderstanding.

So, the blood sugar level you get when you perform a random blood sugar test differs from the one your obtain when you measure it two hours after having your meal and from the fasting glucose.

Furthermore, levels of adult blood sugar are different from sugar levels in children. Meanwhile, HbA1C test is one of the tests, which shows the average of blood sugar in a 3 months period.

It is good to draw your own blood glucose chart in order to pass it to your doctor and see how well have you been managing your diabetes. Based on the figures, your doctor will also decide what your average glucose level is.

You can also prepare your log sheet where you keep your blood glucose levels always registered.

Or you can get helped by a specialist; just click here now. 

What affects diabetes blood sugar level?

Various factors can have different effects on your diabetes blood sugar level. There are some factors you can’t control, but other factors you can control, and if you realize these factors, you might take some important precautions.

I - Risk factors you can completely control

WeightIf your body weight is more than your ideal weight by 20%, most probably, this will increase your blood glucose levels. In addition, being overweight puts you at higher risk for heart diseases. So, if you are overweight, losing excess weight will help you to beat diabetes, as it decreases insulin resistance and protects you from heart diseases.

  • Diet. Our body produces sugar it needs from its own sugar deposits. External sugar helps our body to work properly. Carbohydrates in sugary and fatty foods you eat can make your blood sugar raise.That is why it is necessary to obtain a balance between what we eat and what our own bodies produce on its own.

  • Bad habits. Bad habits, such as carouse, and smoking, make your diabetes blood sugar go up, and also lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and earlier and severer diabetes complications.

  • Sedentary life and stress. Being sedentary, have no physical activity at all, is among the risk factors for heart disease. Moreover, the physical activity helps you to lose excess weight, lower your diabetes blood sugar level, and relieve the bad energies, like stress.

II - Risk factors you cannot control

The best thing you can do is to gamble the right information which will help you to better understand how these factors can affect your blood sugar level.

  • Family History. As for everything else in our body, the genes determine how much sugar our body has to produce. If you are diabetic, the genes work is altered and this alternation can be reflected on members of the same family. So, if your parents are diabetics, most probably, you’ll have it, and your children can have it too.

  • Age and belonging to a high-risk population. If you’re older than 45 years old and part of high-risk population, most probably, you will have high blood sugar levels soon if you don’t take the appropriate cautions.

  • How to lower diabetes blood sugar level?

    • There are several ways to lower it. If you pay attention to what you eat, eliminate your bad dietary habits, and exercise regularly, you can manage to lower it.
    • Another way is by taking hypoglycemiant drugs but you should be aware of their side effects, that sometimes are the severest.

    • The last way how to keep in normal range your blood sugar levels is by using specific herbs that has been scientifically shown to have such characteristics. You can take them as tea or prepare salads.

           However, in this case, you should know what you're taking to prevent any other complications that probably would come from these supplements. If you choose the right one, you will be safe to keep your diabetes blood sugar level at a normal range.

    That's why it is very important to get knowledge of them. Only few minutes of your precious time to get the latest news and it will be easier for you to decide.

    Correlation of Glucose Levels with Heart Disease?

    If you have high blood glucose levels, then your chances of getting heart and blood vessels disease go higher and higher.

    Blood Glucose Levels and Risk for heart disease

    Meanwhile, if you manage to keep low levels of blood glucose, these chances decrease. This is the result a study of dr. Roland Goldberg and his colleagues in terms of Diabetes Prevention Program.

    This is especially true in case you have pre-diabetes (impaired blood glucose). So, if you are at risk of having diabetes, but you don't really have it, you can protect yourself and your heart and blood vessels by decreasing your blood glucose level.

    Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels and Death rate

    Even in case you're diabetic, you'll get the same benefits if you keep controlled your blood glucose.

    The golden rule for you is : 


    You'll see the results very soon. And on the other hand, you'll keep yourself far away from diabetes complications.

    Anyway, you must have a strong personality to fight against diabetes. The best choice is to start with natural remedies and diet and lifestyle changes. 

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    Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

    Remember: stress is your enemy in your fight against diabetes. Why?

    During stress, your body produces some hormones that increase the blood sugar levels, and at the same time, they inhibit the insulin function.

    Chart of blood sugar levels

    Chart will serve as a marvelous guide to help you identify if the changes you've made are helping in beating your diabetes.

    Fasting blood glucose level

    What? What? What?  Lots of what for your fasting glucose level. I understand that with all these rumor running around diabetes, you might be frightened. You shouldn't.

    Normal adult blood sugar level?

    After taking a meal, your blood sugar will rise. In a normal adult it will not pass the ranges of 135-140 mg/dl.

    Now, you can see that there exists only a narrow range of blood sugar all the day for a normal adult.

    Causes to Low Blood Glucose Levels

    To come to an exact conclusion, I would like to have some more information of your current health status trying to give some explanation without having your answers as following

    Printable sugar chart

    you will need a diabetic blood sugar chart in order to compare your results with the normal ranges (low and high ones).

    A1C Blood Sugar Level

    A1C test which gives you a big picture of your glucose control for the last 2 to 3 months.

    Good blood sugar levels

    What are the good blood sugar levels?

    How to recognize them?

    What kind of tests you need to do to get the results?

    How to read and understand the results?

    Prolonged Fasting in Diabetic

    What will be the effect of prolonged fasting (say 24 hrs or so) on a person in the pre-diabetic range and not taking any allopathic medicine but resorting to naturopathy.

    Normal Blood Sugar Level

     Tests of measuring blood sugar, including fasting (FBST), oral tolerance glucose test (OTGT), random blood glucose (RBG), blood sugar test after eating (BSTAE) and A1C test. 

    Average Blood Glucose Level

    The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) have come to a new term of measuring how well diabetes has been controlled.

    Childrens Blood Sugar Level

    I believe the following guidelines and tips can help you on this. First, what you have to do is to check at least four times per day your child blood sugar level.

    Sugar Levels After Eating

    Quick tip number 1

    Decide to make some changes in your lifestyle habits. Start with keeping acceptable body weight. Exercise will help you on that a lot. Relaxing-exercises to reduce stress and quitting smoking will also help

    Convert mmol/l to mg/dl

    You may face some difficulties while converting mmol/l to mg/dl or mg/dl to mmol/l. But you need to face them in to understand what is happening to your body. 

    Ideal blood sugar level

    In general, if you keep your blood sugar level below 100 mg/dl and higher than 80 mg/dl, this is considered as ideal range.

    Blood Glucose Tolerance Test in Pregnancy

    How can you read and interpret the results?

    The normal results would be as following:

    The fasting blood glucose level 70 to 100 mg/dl, meanwhile your blood sugar level after two hours should be less than 140 mg/dl...

    Healthy range for glucose reading?

    Basically, the normal blood sugar reading should be as following (according to ADA - American Diabetes Association for adult):

    Blood glucose before meal: 80 – 130 mg/dl
    Blood glucose 2 hours after meal: <180 mg/dl

    Normal fasting blood sugar levels

    Normal fasting blood sugar levels are considered fasting blood sugar levels between 80 mg/dl and 100 mg/dl. However, nowadays, this normal range is changed due to different reference ranges of laboratories use. 

    Sugar level 250-400 mg/dl

    Having blood sugar level 250-400 mg/dl, regardless if having eaten or not, means you suffer from mild to moderate diabetes.

    Sugar level 127-200 mg/dl 

    Having a blood sugar level 127-200 mg/dl means that you might be suffering from diabetes or you have high risk to get diabetes. Normally, when fasting, the blood sugar level should be less than 110 mg/dl.

    Sugar level 70-109 mg/dl

    blood sugar level within this range are perfectly normal, although they should have their blood sugar checked at least once a year to check that they have not developed type 2 diabetes

    Sugar levels between 11-44 mg/dl

    Blood sugar level 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36  37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 mg/dl are considered very low and immediate measures should be taken in order to elude death.

    Sugar level 200-250 mg/dl

    Blood sugar level 200-250 mg/dl is considered as diabetes. If having such increased glucose level, you should start immediately anti-diabetic treatment.

    You should understand how your sugar levels change depending on the time you get the test. 

    Sugar Level 110-126 mg/dL

    Blood sugar level 110-126 mg/dl is classified as prediabetes: this means that the blood sugar level is higher than normal, but not high enough to be classified as diabetes.

    Sugar level 45-69 mg/dl

    In normal and healthy people without diabetes, this is an uncommon finding. While diabetics report frequent episodes of hypoglycemia especially...


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