107 fasting blood sugar in a 28 yrs old lady with hypothyroidism

by Malini

QUESTION: Dear sir,
i am 28 yrs old lady ,Married..

i've hypo thyroid and i am very thin..
sir,last December i did my blood test..where doctor said that my blood sugar is high..it was 107(fasting)

sir but the thing is i was not fasting ,i mean i had tea in the night and in the morning as well..
i do not have any history of Diabetes in my parents family..

i've controlled my sugar drastically,but still do take some time tea(one spoon) thats it..
I am very scared to do the test once again.
Pl help me out..

ANSWER: Hi Malini,

First of all, you have to know that the normal blood glucose level is between 70 and 100 mg/dl. When someone is having blood glucose level between 101 and 126, he/she is considered as pre-diabetic.

However, you have to know that every laboratory is having different borderlines due to diversity in apparatuses.

  • Your blood glucose level of 107 is not that high and remember that you have acquired tea. Every type of tea is containing glucose and glucose-like molecules. The glucose contained in the tea is able to increase the blood glucose level.

  • On the other hand, there are several tests which are supposed to be executed in purpose to confirm diabetes as diagnosis.

    There are three basic tests that help in confirming or excluding diabetes including: fasting plasma glucose test, oral glucose tolerance test and random plasma glucose test.

    a. The fasting plasma glucose test is the one which you already have done.

    b. During the second test, you are supposed to fast for 8 eight. After that, the doctors are measuring your blood glucose level.

    After the blood glucose test, the doctors are giving you water with 75g glucose to drink. Two hours after the consumption of these 75 g of glucose, your blood sugar is checked again.

    c. During the last test, the blood glucose is measured at random. While, when performing A1C test, the doctors are checking your blood glucose these last 3 months. Therefore, a clear diagnosis is made.

  • It is important to know that insulin is not the only hormone affecting the glucose metabolism. Thyroid hormones are also important. When you are having elevated thyroid secretion (hyperthyroidism), a low blood glucose level is observed.

    When the secretion of thyroid hormones is reduced (hypothyroidism), you are having elevated amount of blood glucose in plasma.

    You have to know that the changes in the blood glucose level are observed when these conditions are not treated well.

    Thyroid hormones are those which are diffing the speed of the metabolic processes. Low amount of thyroid hormones in the organism is causing low speed of the metabolic reactions.

    Low speed of the metabolic processes means that the organism needs more time to execute his normal functions. Because of this, the glucose in plasma need more time to enter the cells. This leads to an accumulation of blood glucose in the organism, although you are eating regularly.

    In most cases, patients with hypothyroidism and elevation in the blood glucose level need changes in the hormone therapy. Every patient with hypothyroidism needs to take pills with thyroid hormones every day.

    The hormones in these pills are restoring the normal speed of the metabolic reactions. However, at some point the dose of these hormones is not enough and the organism start to suffer from hypothyroidism again and this is characterized by an elevation of the blood glucose, gaining weight and other symptoms.

  • Next, I want you to keep in mind that there exist some early symptoms of diabetes like eating a lot, drinking a lot and urinating a lot suggesting diabetes diagnosis that needs to be confirmed via the above-mentioned tests.

    However, my advice for you is to consult with endocrinologist regarding the hormone therapy for your hypothyroidism, and to check your blood sugar again. You should assure to always have your blood glucose under control.

    Remember: there is a need to fast for at least 8 hours before the blood glucose test, during which you are supposed not to drink or to eat anything to avoid a misdiagnosis.

    Do not be afraid of repeating the test again. If you follow the instructions correctly, you will need nothing to worry about.

    All the best!


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