Your ideal Diabetes Recipe?

Diabetes diet and recipe are the ones you need to prepare your dishes while trying to keep your blood sugar levels at a normal range. I may understand that this is not an easy job for you.

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At this point, you might start thinking: should I quit all my favorite dishes? Or maybe I ought to eat only diabetic foods? What else should I do?

It’s not necessary eating only diabetic foods as you might find them expensive. All you need to do is to  have all your favorite dishes, but of course, you need to give them a little change.

Below you can find some simple tips you can follow in changing your food before going to specific diabetes recipe.

Always remember: diabetic people need to eat from all food types.

Low carbohydrate recipes and sugary foods

  • Table Sugar - Try to reduce the consumption of table sugar. There are many theories on table sugar about its effects on blood sugar level. As it is a simple type of sugar, it can be digested quickly and might increase your blood glucose level very quick too.

If you used to add sugar to all of your favorite beverages, and cannot do otherwise, what I suggest is to add some artificial sweeteners, such as saccharin or aspartame or Stevia.

They have no calories, and don’t raise your blood sugar level. But they have some bad side effects on your body. You have to choose then, satisfying your sweet teeth or your good health?

  • Instead of taking cola or other usual beverages, why not to try diet drinks. They don’t have the amount of sugar one regular drink has; however, they carry other potential bad effects, especially on the brain.
  • If you are used to jam, jelly, candies, gelatin, pies, cakes, syrup, try to avoid them as much as you can. You cannot have the luxe to eat all of them. Your blood sugar level would reach the peak, and you’ll get complications very soon.

You must have enough willing to 

Say a big "NO" to your GLUTTONY.

 I’m sure you can.

  • There are many contradictory theories on trying honey while you have diabetes. Honey is very healthy because it contains nutritional elements for your body.

I can suggest you to take only one or half teaspoon honey early in the morning. But do not take more than  that. If you can take also a teaspoon olive oil every early morning together with honey, you can have the right energy for the whole day without increasing your blood sugar.

The fats

You need to eat from all types of foods although being a diabetic. But, you must choose what to eat, and how many calories you’re taking each day.

  • Poultry or fish are mostly recommended for you, especially chicken or turkey breast. If you still prefer to take red meat, try the leanest one which is also fatty at the end.

What you can do is to use skin off poultry or red meat as you should not add too much fat in your daily diet.

  • You must be careful on the way you’re cooking your food. The best way of cooking your food is to broil, roast or bake rather than to pan-fry them. And try not to add fat to what you’re cooking.

Some people prefer very much adding gravies and sauces to their daily meal. Try to avoid them as much as you can. Why? Because they often contains too much fat, which is not good for you.

  • Furthermore, you must be aware of many other foods that contain fat, and maybe you’ve been used to, but now you must try to avoid them. They are: butter, margarine, salad dressings, bacon, lard, and sausage. Instead of using butter or margarine, why not to try olive oil?
  • Try to limit the use of high-fat dairy products, like cream, sour cream, some types of cheese, ice-creams. Instead, you can use low-fat dairy products. Even when you’re buying milk, try the low-fat or skim one. It’s better for you.

Sodium Content

If you are used of salt in every dish you prepare, now it is time to reduce it as much as you can as you must take good care of your body.

When you have diabetes, you must care much more than before. So, with a high sugar blood level and high sodium level, your heart will become tired, weak, and maybe it will stop.

You can help your heart and your body by taking appropriate care and watching carefully what you’re eating. So try to avoid salty foods or to add salt to food for the sake of taste. Sometimes when you the food is tasty, it’s not healthy.

In this way put away canned soups, pickles, sauerkrauts, hot dogs. Most of them you find in fast-food restaurants. It’s time to give up with these restaurants.

Even if the food you eat there does not taste like salty, most of the time these kinds of food are full of sodium.

Low carbohydrate diet and fibers

Most of the time, it is recommended to diabetics to consume high quantity of fibers. Crackers, whole-grain breads, cereals, vegetables- raw and boiled, whole fresh fruits, instead of fruit juice, dried beans and peas, bran, lentils, brown rice, bran.

All of them are foods to consume mostly in order to be naturally healthy and have lower diabetes blood sugar levels.


Try all kinds of natural foods, from vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, starches and breads, meats, and fats. Your body needs all of them.

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› Diabetes Diet Recipe

› Diabetes Diet Recipe

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