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Metformin and pregnancy - Is that possible Is pregnancy a reason to stop taking Metformin?

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Many women wonder if taking Metformin while being pregnant is allowed. As this drug is used to control blood sugar levels, it also carries certain side effects.

Meanwhile, during pregnancy, this control is extremely important, because elevated levels of blood sugar could harm the baby. In majority of cases, insulin is the drug of choice, because it allows a tight control of blood sugar levels.

Although, Metformin is very powerful, it does carry certain side effects. Therefore, if you are taking this drug, and plan to be pregnant, consult your doctor if you need to change your treatment strategy. On the other hand, in some cases, when women have discovered to be pregnant, their doctors wouldn't advise to stop Metformin, but they work together for the best dosage.

Metformin and Pregnancy - What should pregnant women with polycystic ovary syndrome do?

Several clinical trials have proven that female patients with polycystic ovary syndrome will get a reduced risk for miscarriage, if they continue their metformin treatment.

In addition, these patients were shown to have higher chances of conceiving, if they continue their therapy with metformin.

Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome have their endocrine metabolism disrupted and hormones are responsible for many things in human body, including pregnancy. Metformin will re-adjust this metabolism in these, empowering them with the ability to conceive and have their own baby.

Furthermore, other studies have also tried to examine the risk for developing gestational diabetes. From their results, it was shown that metformin will reduce this risk. In case, you are already diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you can start safely a therapy with metformin as this drug is equally effective as insulin.

Metformin and Pregnancy - Is metformin dangerous for the child?

Although Metformin can be used during pregnancy, it is still not absolutely safe. According to certain studies, reported several years ago, it was suggested that pregnant women taking Metformin has an increased risk for developing preeclampsia(increased blood pressure, which should be handled by Intensive Care Unit). However, this information was not supported by the latest studies.

Actually, these recent studies reported that babies, who were born by mothers who were taking metformin, were with normal weight and height, remained still healthy, with appropriate weight and height for their age. With regards to their psychical and mental development, no prove of slowing down was reported.

On the other hand, if father is taking Metformin, that is also completely permitted as does not affect pregnancy. The clinical trials that were carried out to examine the relation between birth defects and the intake of metformin by the father, concluded that there is no such relation.

In other terms, it is absolutely safe for the father to take metformin, when the couple is trying to have a baby.

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