What Is A Low Glycemic Diet - Foods, Plan, Menu?

low glycemic diet

The low glycemic diet refers to some adjustments you should do to your eating habits. Its aim is to keep you healthy through choosing and consuming the right foods.

Essentially, this kind of diabetes diet uses the glycemic index (GI), which is the quantity of carbs, in the variety of foods you eat.

Moreover, you may lose weight and at the same time using the nutrition so effectively, you may manage several health problems as well.

According to the American Diabetes Association, the highest GI is 100. Foods with this GI are considered white bread and straight sugar. Meanwhile, in a low glycemic diet, the foods' GI is 55 or lower.

On the other hand, a glycemic load is a measure that combines the amount of carbohydrates in the food you eat and the related GI score. The glycemic load gives more clear idea on the effects of this diet in your blood sugar levels.

Low Glycemic Diet – The Benefits

Clinical trials reveal a decrease of 0.5 percent in the levels of hemoglobin A1C in diabetics following a low glycemic index diet . That is why type 2 diabetics may profit from following the basics of this diet.

Not only type 2 diabetics, but also type 1 diabetics may profit from this diet in improving the blood sugar control. Some people do think to lower the GI in the diet instead of following certain diet plans because the basics of these diet plans are difficult to follow for a long-term period.

However, if you know what foods to eat and what to avoid, it will be easier for you to adapt your diet and make it become more reduced GI.

Therefore, following this diet for a long time, you may be able to better manage your diabetes and keep yourself safe of severe complications and any disease progression.

Moreover, everyone may benefit from this diet, since this diet helps to change your eating habits over time. Due to this effect, it is much easier to select the foods, which have the right carbohydrates, which provide your daily energy source, and not to cause blood sugar levels to reach the peak.

In addition, as a diabetic, you will not experience bad oscillations in your glucose readings and feel full of energy.

On the other hand, following this diet will keep you away from developing heart disease since it promotes the right lifestyle, which minimizes the chances for this disease. This diet plan has the same basics of the the best diabetes diet

Therefore, according to low glycemic diet plan , you should put more varieties of fruits and vegetables than other normal (non-diabetic) people do.

Accordingly, you have the possibility to have more flavors in your diabetic dishes in order to please your gluttony and have the right nutrients you need to keep you healthy.

You will have the possibility to provide your body with the right nutrients as you need to keep yourself healthy. This is like a promotion for a general well-being, with reduced stress on your heart and reduced chances to develop blockages and other related events, which most probably lead to long term heart problems.

As mentioned above, another benefit of this low glycemic diet is to lose the excessive weight. This is done gradually, and the weight loss has a “long-term-life”.

Therefore, you will be safe of any fast and unhealthy weight loss. If you follow a regular exercise scheme, the benefits for sure will be multiplied.

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