How can diabetes and weight loss go together?

There are many things going around about diabetes and losing weight. And maybe you may be frightened about all that you hear. Or maybe you may think it’s enough with all that.

I can understand all your reactions. It’s not easy to control weight or, what’s more your bad habits.

But you as a human being are very, very strong in everything. Even in your war against bad habits, especially while talking about weight control.

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How can you help yourself or your familiars coming out with this problem?

The following will explain everything about diabetes and weight control, gaining or losing it.

Why do doctors recommend reducing weight when you are diagnosed with diabetes?

First of all, this is very important, especially when you have type 2 diabetes. It can help you very much. How?

When you have type 2 diabetes, your pancreas can produce insulin, but it is not effective, because of insulin resistance. Thus, sugar doesn’t enter inside body cells.

This leads to high blood sugar levels and high blood insulin levels too. At this point, pancreas can stop producing insulin and a circuit vicious continues on and on.

Insulin is a hormone that delights to deposit fats in your body. These high blood insulin levels may be the reason of putting excessive weight during diabetes.

Most of type 2 diabetics, before being diagnosed, are overweight too. This is caused by their bad habits and a bad lifestyle without exercise, a bad diet plan. All these can cause or worsen insulin resistance.

Even if you are part of high risk population for developing type2 diabetes, you may have insulin resistance without having diabetes.

If you keep under control your weight, keep exercised, following a good diet plan, you can avoid type 2 diabetes onset.

Or, in case of type 2 diabetes onset, you can try a natural solution to lower your high blood sugar levels.

As you see everything is easy. Everything depends on you. You are the only one who can help yourself coming out with diabetes and weight loss, and keeping diabetes controlled.

When you have a type 2 diabetes child, try to help him or her. Don’t force him/her with hard diets. Keep in mind your child needs to eat food of every category.

Instead, try to work with your child to lose weight and avoiding over snacking. Your child eats what you cook.

You can select the right food and diet for him/her and help with diabetes and weight loss,

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What does it happen if you or any of your familiars have type 1 diabetes?

Well, in this case, your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin at all. You must take external insulin to keep your blood sugar levels as normal as you can.

But the insulin intake may lead to fats deposit in your body, and excessive weight gain. Don’t try to skip any insulin injection to avoid this. It’s very dangerous.

If you have a child with type1 diabetes being treated with insulin injections, work with him/her. Especially if you have a girl child, maybe in her teens age, who probably may skip insulin injection to lose weight. Work with her and explain how harmful could this be for her health. It can cause ketocidosis and death too.

Even in this case the best you can do is a good exercise follow up and best diabetes diet plan. For sure it will help you with diabetes and weight loss too.

Watch the unusual weight loss you may notice. This cannot be good for your health. Instead it shows something wrong is going on in your body. You must find it.

Possible causes for this unusual harmful weight loss can be as follow:

• Dehydration - this may show your diabetes is not well managed. You are losing too much liquid, and sugar with calories too.

• Your body muscles are being consumed - this also shows uncontrolled diabetes. Since your body cells cannot use sugar, they use proteins and fats as fuel.

In this case try to consult your doctor. If you don’t know yet that you have diabetes, it’s better to take the appropriate precautions.  

Written by Dr.Albana Greca Sejdini, Md, MMedSc       

Medically reviewed by Dr.Ruden Cakoni, MD, Endocrinologist

Last medical review 01/27/2021


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