Prediabetic Check Blood Sugar after Meal regularly?

5.6 a1c test diabetes

I have received one e-mail from Anna, who is prediabetic. She is worried about her blood sugar levels, and wants to know if they are so worrisome or not. Here is her e-mail:

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"I am prediabetic and my a1c test came back 5.6. Do I need to check my glucose after each meal?

Also my morning fasting # are 102,107,105,111' and for a short time they are even 98,95'. Is this normal?

I am not on any meds; I'm trying to do it the natural way. I do stress out a lot .

During the day # are 88'85,95,& 77; I am 59 yrs old; lost about 40lbs 5'6.

Is there anything to be worried about? Both my parents were diabetics late in life.

Thank you for all the help.


Now, Anna, when I look at your blood sugar readings, I find them perfectly normal. They fall within the normal ranges.

  • If you are worried about the variations in fasting blood glucose, I could say that they are normal too. There are many factors contributing to such variations, including the morning hormones (those that serve as fuel for the entire day).

Other factor is the food you have eaten the night before (the more caloric your night-before-meal is, the higher the reading would be).

  • With regards to your daily sugar readings, they fall within the normal range too. Therefore, I do not find anything that should make you worry about.

However, you should keep in mind the factors that can make your blood sugar reach high that you can totally control, such as:

  1. Diet
  2. Smoking
  3. Alcohol
  4. Weight
  5. Stress

As you might imagine, the more caloric foods you imply to your daily diet menu; the more you smoke or consume alcohol; the more chances you have to experience high blood sugar levels.

In addition, the more you get stressed; the higher your blood glucose would get.

With regards to your weight, you are telling that you have lost some pounds. That's very very good. Keep on like this. That would help you be healthy, and with stabilized blood sugar readings.

It is true that you have a family history of diabetes, which, in fact, raises your chances to get it too late in life. However, if you do the right things and keep healthy all the time; I am sure you are not going to be a diabetic although the age.

At last, enjoy your life actively!


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