Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

What are the dangerous levels for blood sugar?      What is a dangerously high blood sugar level?     How low a blood glucose reading is dangerous?

Dangerous Blood Sugar

I understand that all the above questions are huge problems for the diabetic mind and health. Don’t worry. Relax.

Remember: stress is your enemy in your fight against diabetes. Why?

During stress, your body produces some hormones that increase the blood sugar levels, and at the same time, they inhibit the insulin function.

As a consequence, you’ll have high blood sugar levels, which will help you face your “stress situation”.

On the other hand, these levels can reach the highest peak (uncontrollable), and then, they are considered as dangerous high blood glucose level.

What are the dangerously high blood sugar levels?

Normally, in a diabetic, blood sugar levels will always stay high. During stress, more “sugar” is added to your blood, which then, turn to “become” dangerous.

This is because your body will find it hard to bring them normal again.

Furthermore, persistent high blood glucose level will cause many problems to all your body cells.

NORMAL or DANGEROUS    Type Your Blood sugar Level:    mg/dl

How to recognize and distinguish these dangerous levels?

All you need to do is to regularly check your glucose level.

In case your blood sugar level is more than 200 mg/dl, persisting for more than two days, then this is considered as dangerous level, and you need further evaluation.

Then, if you check your blood sugar, and have results higher than 300 mg/dl, together with urine incontinence, dry and cracked tongue, all these figures show you the danger of your situation too.

Therefore, it’s time to search for specialist help.

When you perform A1C test , and you get the result of >7%, that means that you’re not managing your diabetes properly.

In other words, you should change your diabetes control strategies.

Therapeutic lifestyle changes along with implementing healthy diet can help a lot. 

If they will fail, then, can choose another natural alternative. Follow this link to see how.

dangerous blood sugar levels

What too low blood sugar is considered dangerous?

Amongst diabetics, there is another concern regarding their blood sugar readings: VERY LOW BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS.

They are of great concern, and sometimes, an emergency issue. Various factors contribute to low levels of blood sugar, including the natural changes one is doing, drugs he/she is taking, alcohol drinking , etc.

Therefore, it is compulsory to check for any dangerous levels, especially after having your exercise or taking your drugs, as most probably an episode of low blood glucose will occur (usually within the first 2 hours after taking the diabetic drugs).

Moreover, you can prepare your own blood sugar chart together with your doctor, where you can put the dangerously high and low blood glucose ranges.

Therefore, it is much easier for you to monitor your situation.

If you are asking what blood glucose level is considered dangerous; then, you should know that it all depends on your current health situation.

However, the dangerous sugar levels, where the symptoms of hypoglycemia will occur, are considered those less than 40 mg/dL.

Shaking, nausea, tremors, sweating or increased heart palpitations are some symptoms to recognize your blood sugar is dropping.

Then, you should take a sweet or a glass of fruit juice or a quarter of sugary water (a quarter of the glass filled with water, where you add 1 tablespoon of table sugar).

Take-Home Tips

  • The most important thing is to prevent these events through accurate checking of your blood sugar, do not overload with exercise or avoiding alcohol.
  • If your drugs will cause hypoglycemic episodes, then, you should ask your doctor to adjust their dose according to your body needs.


Last reviewed 12/27/2018

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