Insulin resistance treatment

Insulin resistance treatment: how far can it help prevent future damage?

Actually, more than insulin resistance treatment, I would like better insulin resistance management. That means what strategies you should follow to manage it.

First of all, I want you to keep in mind that the medication given in this case would play a role in preventing future diabetes onset.

But, the most important role is played by changes in your lifestyle habits, and dietary strategies.

Insulin resistance treatment – the two ways of managing it

There can actually be two ways that you may manage (treat) insulin resistance.

The first way consists in reducing your body's need for insulin.

If you make some changes in your lifestyle habits, that will help reduce your body's need for insulin.

If you put less high glycemic index carbs and calories in your diet, this can prevent increasing the levels of glucose in your bloodstream. Thus, there will be no need for insulin secretion.

If you want a full list of low-glycemic index foods in order to make lifestyle changes, you can make an addition insulin resistance treatment.

Other changes that can help you would include not living a sedentary life anymore. Keep your body active. Keep walking for at least for 30 minutes a day.

Keep doing yoga. That will relieve your body and mind. And you’ll feel healthier and fresher.

And at the same time, you’ll have low blood sugar levels and a reduced need for insulin.

Don’t you think that you can completely manage to do these simple steps to prevent a future diabetes onset? Don’t you think this might be the best way for the insulin resistance treatment?

Meanwhile healthcare provider can help you enhance the ability of your body cells to respond to insulin affects. This can be done through medications.

The American diabetes association recommends Metformin as the only drug to be used to prevent diabetes while you have insulin resistance.

The other drugs have been shown severe side effects, that’s why, are not recommended. Even metformin has its side effects; click here to get to know them.

In case you decide for metformin, better consult your doctor to consider natural alternatives of preventing diabetes;

 As you may see, it’s betterPREVENT than treating. The decision is up to you.

Reconsider all the factors that can influence in insulin resistance and decide for theRIGHT LIFESTYLE CHANGES .

Also you should know what the possible symptoms of insulin resistance are, and decide in time for these changes.

REMEMBER : There is always a remedy for every thing in our lives. We have to go deep and see what can do to find it and use for our health purposes.

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