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To make you clear borderline diabetes diet is the diet appropriate for pre-diabetics. Pre-diabetics or borderline diabetics are those who have persistent high blood sugar levels, but do not have diabetes yet. The risk of developing it later on is high.

So, if you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes (borderline diabetes), you should consider making some changes in your lifestyle to keep your blood sugar optimized.

Borderline diabetes diet is another alternative you have to control your blood sugar levels. But keep in mind that you need to eat from every type of foods: carb, proteins, fats, those high in vitamins and minerals. So all type of foods.

Of course, you need to know what type of carb, proteins, fats and other foods you have to eat. So, the best choice is fruits and vegetables. They are high in fiber and vitamins and minerals and can help control blood sugar.

If you cannot resist to candies or other sweet food, your best choice are complexes carb foods. And of course lean meat (breast chicken or turkey) are the best for you.

As you may see from above, you need to choose a variety foods for you borderline diabetes diet. That will furnish your body with the necessary elements it needs for a good life. At the same you may enjoy your eating with variety and have no problems with diabetes.

One risk factor for diabetes is obesity (fatty) and overweight. This borderline diabetic diet will keep you safe from overweight problems.

I want you to remember that borderline diabetes diet cannot work alone. It must be in a program with lifestyle changes. There is another natural way you may be safe from diabetes.

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