Worried about how to control diabetes?

Once diabetes is settling, your next preoccupation is the right way of controlling it. Most of the time, you’ll be depressed for this ‘bad and horrible’ situation.

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Don’t be like that. As I always keep saying: there is always a remedy for everything in this life.

And of course, there exists an answer to your existing preoccupation.

Step no 1: Educating yourself about what diabetes is

All the necessary info on diabetes is very worthy to understand and take the appropriate actions. So, you should educate yourself on what diabetes is; what its types are; what the symptoms of diabetes are according to each type; what can cause diabetes.

Step no. 2: Understand the principles of your diabetes

It’s very important to know and well understand what the diabetes principles are. It will not give you a hand in the different diabetes tests you’ll be doing, but also will help monitoring and managing diabetes complications at time.

A1-test shows you how well have you managed diabetes the last three months. While checking blood sugar every day, will keep you safer and away from complications for much more longer.

Monitoring Blood pressure regularly will help you preventing on time hypertension and heart disease or stroke.

Cholesterol is another urgent problem to be solved in time. Keeping LDL holesterol less than 100mg/dl and HDL-c higher than 40mg/dl is a must.

Step no.3 – get the best management for your diabetes

For this purpose you should:

- make up and use your diabetes meal plan according to the best diabetes diet - consume more foods that keeps you fit

- stay away from too fatty and salty foods

- consume lean poultry and meat only three ounces

- give your body only 30 minutes of walking as part of

- Try to keep far away stress and diabetes from each-other. If not, try to cope with it.

- Watch your weight. Keep your optimum weight.

- Say a definitive and big NO to smoking.

- Check your feet and mouth every day.

Step no.4 – get a regular check up

This includes

- Regular blood sugar test

- Cholesterol test

- Urine test for possible kidney problems

- Oral and dental examination

- Feet and eye examination

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