Types of Blood Tests for Diabetes Diagnosing

Blood Tests - Main points

Generally, there are two main types of diabetes tests. The first type is created to help the doctors to come up with the diagnose “diabetes”. The second type is a variety of tests regarding the management of people that already have diabetes.

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Both of them have some things in common, but also differ in many aspects. However, all people that are at risk for developing diabetes and the people that already have diabetes must be familiar with these two tests for diabetes. They are helpful for monitoring and estimating the glucose in the blood.

Diagnostic blood tests

There are three main types of test, which are included in this group. They are:

1. Blood Glucose Test 2.Casual Plasma Glucose Test

3.Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

1. During Blood Glucose Test, you will not be allowed to eat before the test. Blood will be withdrawn from you and the doctors will send it to be analyzed.

You will be happy, if you get figures between 70mg/dl to 100mg/dl. These figures are very specific for people who do not have diabetes.

However, if the test results show that your sugar in the blood is higher than 126mg/dl, then you are suspicious for developing diabetes in the future or already having diabetes.

This is one of the most popular blood tests for diabetics in the world.

2. Another test for diabetes is the Casual Plasma Glucose Test . During this test, you do not have to restrain yourself from eating. Again blood will be taken and it will be sent in the lab.

Numbers higher than 200mg/dl indicate diabetic condition. The test needs to be repeated and if the results are the same, then the person is given the diagnose “diabetes”.

3. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test is the most popular diabetes knowledge test. It is found to be used in pregnant women and in people that are suspected to be in pre-diabetic condition or for suffering from diabetes type 2.

Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels

These blood tests include:

1.Hemoglobin A1C test 2.Self- Monitoring Of Blood Glucose (SMBG) test

1. Hemoglobin A1C is also called glycated (connected to sugar) Hemoglobin test. The quantity of HbA1C is important to estimate how you have been managing your diabetes in the past three months.

You want to have numbers, which are less than 7%. This test is very important test for monitoring your diabetes condition.

2. SMBG test is one of the best tests for diabetes. It will allow you to regulate everything in your life, which is connected with diabetes, including: diet, physical activity , insulin intake, medication changes/improvements, etc. 

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