What are the foods that lower sugar?

To eat or not to eat? And if to eat, what are the foods that one diabetic should consume to lower blood sugar?

This is the wavering of diabetic people all around the world.

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The most common theory regarding the foods that most probably can lower blood sugar include those that do not contain refined sugar.

In addition, their sugar doesn't cause a quick raise of blood sugar level. Instead they help you to lower blood sugar a level.

In this way you should stop eating or reducing your meal. No way.

What you can do is to educate yourself on what you’re eating, and how it affects your diabetes. And then to choose the right foods that lower sugar.

But how?

First of all, you must keep in mind that what you should eat is mostly mixture foods, like whole grain starches, protein and non saturated fats, in order to retard the carbohydrates absorption.

There are many foods that you can eat to manage your diabetes, especially in lowering your sugar blood level. Most of them are foods that have low glycemic index.

On the other hand, you should consume those foods that can help you improve cell glucose utilization, and reducing insulin resistance.

It is advisable to use all the most effective food choice contained in the Mediterranean diet , since it is very rich in olive oil, low in saturated greases, moderately rich in carbohydrates and soluble fibers coming from the fruits, green vegetables, dry vegetables and these cereals.

Olive oil and olive leafs are a food of choice when you have diabetes. It has the essentials amino acids your body needs especially when you have diabetes.

Olive oil can also prevent or slow down the onset of diabetes, preventing the insulin resistance. So, if you are part of high-risk population, you should consider olive oil and leafs in your daily meal plan as foods that lower sugar.

But if you are diabetic, olive oil will help you reduce insulin resistance . Also, it is rich in “good’ fats that helps you coming with no high cholesterol and losing weight too.

Nuts are another choice of foods that lower sugar. The “good’ fats, the non saturated one, found in nuts, not only can help in lowering the risk for high cholesterol, but at the same time they help to reduce insulin resistance, and lower the sugar blood level.

They are rich in fiber and magnesium too, that can help lower sugar. At the same time, the antioxidant inside nuts, vitamin E can help in controlling the eye and nerve damage. But, since they are high in calories, be careful on the amount.

Eating plenty of soluble fibers that you probably can find in fruits, brimful in all nutrients you need, high in fiber, low in fat and calories. What is more, they carry out antioxidants, very useful to protect you from nerve, eye, heart damage during diabetes.

Green and dry vegetables, cereals, are for sure best choice foods that lower sugar.

Try to put low-fat fresh milk and milk products, like low-fat cheese, yogurt into your daily plan diet.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages, because they worsen your blood sugar level, and liver metabolism too.

If you want to find out other natural cures for beating diabetes rather than foods that lower sugar, you can begin here. Or, otherwise, if you still want to know more about the foods to lower sugar, you can continue the following recipe of a day with diabetic foods you need.

A day planning with foods that lower sugar. What to choose to eat?

To better start your day, you can choose cereals for breakfast as morning diabetes foods . It has been shown that consuming cereals can help lower sugar blood level, have lower cholesterol. For more, people who eat cereals in the morning eat less later on.

But you need to choose what cereal to eat. Try high fiber cereals, like oat cereal or any flax-seed or psyllium (soluble fiber) or even whole grain cereals (rich in vitamin E, vitamin B6 and folic acid).

If you need to have snacks, you can choose fruits: blackberry, strawberry, raspberry ( with their seeds that contain vitamin C and carotenoids), peach, apricot, apples (sliced with vitamin C and plenty of soluble fibers), citrus fruits ( with vitamin C, soluble fibers, folic acid).

Also you can try yogurt( rich in proteins and calcium), non fat plain yogurt, and add some fresh slices of fruits. Or you may prepare your own diabetic snacks.

For lunch, you can prepare legume dishes, lentils, dried beans you can cook them as soups, can stew or serve as salads. Watch starchy vegetables like potatoes and corns, lime beans and peas, because they’re higher in calories than other vegetables.

Try to add more fish in your dishes: salmon, tuna, mackerel, good source of omega 3 fatty acids, and a good replacement of fatty meats.

If you like chicken or turkey, you can eat chicken breast, which is low in fats and calories.

Put away butter, and use olive oil in every dish, salad but not in excessive quantity. Nothing is good if it exceeds.

Always remember to pour cinnamon powder in everything you eat: chicken, soups, salads, coffee, and tea.Or you can stick into hot water cinnamon and prepare in this way a delicious cinnamon tea.

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