Apple Juice? - Yes, with less Arsenic please!

It is a well-known fact that fruits are considered to be the best choice for diabetics. Furthermore, apple is listed as the best-of-the-best among fruits.

Apple juice arsenic

While eating raw apple or having a fresh, home-made apple juice is the most excellent choice you ever had; apple juices that you may find in the market are also another alternative.

Everything that is made “outside-home” is not as healthy or as beneficial as the “home-made” foods.

However, our daily busy life restrict us to use such products. We trust what the companies are claiming in the label for their safety.

Now, the most recent concern of FDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration) is related to the Arsenic content of market apple juice.

Therefore, the new FDA recommendations limit the amount of Arsenic to 10 ppb (parts). per billion), which is also the acceptable level of Arsenic in the drinking water.

For your information, inorganic Arsenic is commonly found in the environment; consequently, commonly found in the fruits.

Furthermore, the wide-spread use of pesticides which contain arsenic increases the levels of Arsenic in foods.

Why this concern on Arsenic content?

Although a natural mineral found commonly in our environment; its high levels can lead to multiple body problems due to its carcinogenic (cancer-inducing) role. Such problems include:

-          Skin, lung, bladder, and kidney cancers

-          Diabetes

-          Cardiovascular disease

-          Neurological effects (toxicity)

-          Reproductive bad effects

These kinds of problems appear when there is a persistent exposure to arsenic, although in small amounts. As we all do not like to get ill, prevention is better than curing.

And, when it comes to consuming foods, made “outside-home”, food authorities take the incentive for such prevention.

Advice to Diabetics

As you are now informed on how to properly choose and the amount to consume such juices, especially when it comes to apple juice; you can make the right decision for you.

The very best alternative remains the whole apple, as it contains more fiber than apple juice alone. Furthermore, when you consume juice, the risk of overloading your body with unnecessary nutrients (such as carbs) is really high.

Although there are some juices claiming to contain fructose and not glucose or sugar; you should be careful. Researchers are worried on the effects of fructose on the brain more than on blood sugar levels.

As you may see, overloading your body with extra unnecessary foods would cause other problems when used regularly.

Eat fresh and be healthy.



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