Curing Diabetes and Cinnamon Benefits

In the following paragraphs, you will have the answers to your questions related to cinnamon and its usage in diabetes.

cinnamon diabetes benefits

Is it true that cinnamon can be used to control diabetes?


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Basically, there are three ways through which might lower your blood sugar level as following:

1. It can stimulate insulin production from the pancreas (this is the organ responsible for its production and secretion).

2. Due to its active component MHCP, it helps in increasing the effectiveness of insulin receptors. This component is very alike to insulin, and can mimic its actions when it is connected with the insulin receptors in the body tissues.

Therefore, there will be an increased effect when MHCP works together with insulin. The result could be "LOWER BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS".

3. It can slow down the emptiness of the stomach after each meal. That means, that when your stomach empties quickly, your sugar blood level can raise up very quickly and reaching high levels.

While, with cinnamon, the stomach can be emptied slower, and in this way, your blood sugar levels cannot reach the highest and dangerous peak.

How can you take cinnamon for everyday use? 

You can add cinnamon powder in everything you eat or drink, like coffee, tea, juices. Or, you can prepare cinnamon tea by putting a stick of cinnamon into a cup of boiled water (I have shared with you my own cinnamon tea; just go below:).

What is the right cinnamon dosage in diabetes?

If taken as food, cinnamon is commonly safe. As the pharmaceutical machinery has moved forward, the drug stores are full of supplements with the extract of cinnamon. You can have these cinnamon pills as part of your diabetes treatment.

If this is the case, please do not exceed the amount of 250 mg of cinnamon pills per day to avoid un-desiderable effects.

My Diabetic Cinnamon Tea With Lemon

Step no.1:

Boil some water and pour it in a cup.

Boil some water and pour it in a cup

Step no.2:

Put a cinnamon stick inside the boiled and still-hot water.

Let it stay for 5 minutes. You can let it more.

With regards to myself, I let it stay as long I smelt the nice flavor of cinnamon.

cinnamon stick inside the boiled

Step no.3:

Cut a fresh lemon. Squeeze a part of it.

Cut a fresh lemon

Step no.4:

Pour the squeezed lemon inside the cinnamon tea.

I have also added a couple of lemon slices to get more taste and flavor.

Let them soak for a while. I let it around 2 minutes.

At the end, enjoy your delicious cinnamon tea.

cinnamon lemon tea

I did not add sugar to my cinnamon tea although I am not a diabetic. I am used to have teas without sugar.

However, if you cannot resist to the sweet taste, you can add stevia or half a teaspoon of honey.

Remember not to add honey when your tea is still hot to avoid the destruction of its beneficial components.

Some people use to add other types of teas (black tea, chamomile tea, lime flower tea, etc.).

I liked to add only lemon. You can enjoy with other teas as well.

Curing diabetes with cinnamon - scientific facts

The first time when the effects of cinnamon as a natural remedy for diabetes were discovered accidentally during a research made in Maryland Human Nutrition Research Center of the US Department of Agriculture.

These studies showed that our grandma’s pies and buns, especially apple pies for Americans, spiced with lots of cinnamon, resulted not to increase sugar blood level due to cinnamon presence. These were in fact, the first "unknown" steps toward curing diabetes with cinnamon.

Now, to be practical, I’m not telling you to put cinnamon cakes, buns, or apple pies in your daily diabetes diet menu. But, what you can do is to add cinnamon powder in almost everything you can eat, and of course, if the match of taste is right for you.

For example, Indians do use cinnamon when prepare their food (in almost all the food they prepare). They are really tasty, yummy, and cinnamon-spiced.

Keep in mind that only small amounts of cinnamon consumed everyday for long periods of time can lower your sugar blood level, and can bring them back into the normal levels.

Don’t make the mistake to take large amounts of cinnamon, because this will not enhance its effectiveness, but, on contrary, it can damage your liver. There is an old saying in my culture "Instead of curing one eye, you would blind both of them".

This is a mistake to avoid in order to have benefits of cinnamon and lower your high levels of sugar in blood.

  • In case you are not a diabetic, but are part of a high-risk population, everyday consumption of small amounts of cinnamon can help you preventing the disease onset.
  • With regards to type 1 diabetics, cinnamon cannot do as much as it does for type 2 diabetes. So, it cannot help to increase the insulin production, because in type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin at all.

The only benefit for type 1 diabetes and cinnamon use is by slowing down of the emptiness of their stomach after eating, so that their blood sugar could not reach the high peak.

Cinnamon also could help mimicking the insulin action in your body tissues, improving the utilization of insulin.


Cinnamon alone cannot do anything alone for your diabetes. You can help it to be more effective by making changes in your lifestyle, using a healthy diabetic diet , doing lots of exercises.

If you do the mistake to rely only on using cinnamon, your diabetic problems will not go away that simple. Always stay in touch with your physician for further assistance.

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