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We are dedicated to reveal simple steps of beating diabetes naturally. We are not talking about restricted diets that no-one can follow for a long time. We are also not talking about “magic’s” or “wonders” to beat diabetes.

We are committed to pass the word to you, that some simple steps that you and each of us ignore and do not follow everyday are those little “magic’s” of lowering blood sugar.

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Natural herbs for  diabetes

lifestyle changes for diabetes

Lifestyle Changes by Cjoy Lagumbay

  • Learn about the possible Diabetes Complications and how to prevent.

most common diabetes complication

Main symptoms of diabetes by quattlebaumdiana

Medication for  diabetes

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Diabetes herbs
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Diabetic recipes

diabetic cookie recipes

Diabetes facts

Every single day, I'm shocked with the fact that this disease is spreading very fast and with a dramatic speed all over the world. 7% of the Americans have diabetes, and unfortunately one-third of them are unaware that they have it. Only when its complications come up, they realize to have it.

1 to 6 overweight adolescents aged 12-19 in the USA have pre-diabetes which very soon will lead them to the disease onset.

The most terrible facts go to complications. They not only give some bad damages leading to handicap, such as: blindness, kidney failure, amputation of lower-extremities; they also cause your death or heart stroke.

What is more, according to a new report, the global diabetic population is set to be double in 2030, while treatments will fall and not completely fulfill medical needs.

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