Are Benefits Of Metformin A Good Reason To Keep Taking It?

Benefits Of Metformin for diabetes

The primary benefits of Metformin are seen in diabetics as originally, this drug was developed to treat diabetes.

However, latest scientific researches have proven that Metformin could be applied in some conditions, which are way different from diabetes.

The greatest interest towards Metformin was in 1970s, and millions of people have been helped.

However, it remains the fact of Metformin side effects as for any other drug.

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Benefits of Metformin on type 2 diabetes

  • Diabetes is the prime reason for using Metformin, where it acts in a unique way through reduction of the quantity of glucose, produced by the liver.

Since insulin secretion is stimulated by glucose, the overall quantity of insulin in the body will be reduced, resulting in the reduction of blood glucose levels.

  • Another benefit is the reduction of HbA1c. For patients, suffering from diabetes, this is extremely important. They must have figures below 7%.

It is proven that an increase of 1%, increase the mortality rate by 10% and increase the risk for complications. Metformin reduces the levels of HbA1c within a month.

  • Clinical trials have proven that Metformin reduces the mortality and diabetic complications by 30% in the patients, undergoing therapy with Metformin. The contribution to the reduced mortality is due to the reduced rate of:

- Heart attacks

- Strokes

- Cardio-vascular complications

  • In addition, patients with diabetes type 2 have their lipid metabolism disrupted. Metformin improves their lipid profile dramatically:

- Lower the total cholesterol-especially the “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides

- Increase the “good” cholesterol HDL

- Help patients lose weight

Other benefits of Metformin usages

metformin for diabetics

It is important to mention that the benefits of Metformin could not only be applied in the treatment of diabetes. There are some other conditions, which are treated with Metformin:

 Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) - Women with polycystic ovary syndrome will experience the benefits of Metformin, too. These women have their hormone metabolism disrupted and they often suffer from irregular menstrual cycle.That’s why these women will have problems with conceiving. 

Clinical trials have proven that the intake of Metformin increase the chance of conceiving in women with PCOS. Also, women who are already pregnant and take Metformin will help them reduce the risk for miscarriage. Metformin does not cause birth defects in child.

- Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease - Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is also influenced by a therapy with Metformin. However, this is yet experimental treatment and further examination is required because it may turn out that the results could be temporary.

- Pre-diabetes - People will pre-diabetes condition will have the risk for development diabetes reduced by 31%, if they start a treatment with Metformin.

- Gestational diabetes - Clinical trials have also proven that Metformin is really effective drug, when it comes down to gestational diabetes. So far, no birth defects or other side effects of Metformin in babies have been reported yet.

Are the Benefits of Metformin a Good Reason to keep taking this drug?

Personally, I feel skeptic. Metformin cannot do miracles for you. Besides, you have greater chances to experience its side effects.

I don't want you to think wrongly:"I will take Metformin and my diabetes problems will be gone". Please, do not think that way. You will cause more harm to your body if you continue like that.

It is true, Metformin can help you temporary controlling your blood sugar levels, until your natural steps have given their results. Once the results are settled, you will not need Metformin anymore with one condition: 

To keep on your natural, healthy steps of beating diabetes.

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