Type 2 diabetes symptoms

You must keep in mind that not all type 2 diabetes symptoms can be present or can be noticed. Their appearance changes from case in case and from people to people.

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For better understanding purpose, we are going to divide them in two categories;

I- the most common type 2 diabetes symptoms,

II- and those symptoms related to diabetes complications.

I - In the first category you may consider;

• Being all time thirsty

You may experience this at very first stage of type 2 diabetes onset. The cause is high blood sugar levels, which can make liquids to flow from cells to blood stream in order for your body to adapt to this new situation.

In this way your cells suffers dehydration, which can be experience by you as sensation of being thirsty all the time.

• Unusual increase of urine frequency

Due to high blood sugar levels, you may experience constant excessive thirst. For this purpose, you take a lot of water and other juices.

But this increases the amount of liquids in your blood stream. So your kidney has to work hard to get ‘these liquids’ out of your body through increase of urination frequency during day and night too.

• Increased hunger and weight problems

When you have type 2 diabetes, due to high frequency of urination [caused by high blood sugar levels], your body loses fluids and sugar. But these are very important to your body.

That’s why your body tries to substitute them through craving foods [especially sweets]. On the other hand, this may lead to weight gain, which worsens your diabetes course.

Indeed, obese [overweight] people are affected from type 2 diabetes. If you eat too much you can practically ‘add benzene to the fire’.

• Delayed heal of skin infections

When you have type 2 diabetes, due to high blood sugar levels, your body’s processes of healing are retarded. This leads to recurrent infections, especially those parts of your body that are overexposed to external environment and is easy for infection to develop in these areas.

So, skin infections, genital infections are among the most common type 2 diabetes symptoms.

Diabetic people may suffer from feeling very tired, weak, fatigue most of the time. Also, they may experience loss of appetite, dry skin, stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, or even hair loss and gums problems.

These type 2 diabetes symptoms you may notice at very first stage of diabetes onset. They can be a ringing bell for you to understand that you have type 2 diabetes. That's why they are considered also as early symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

On the other hand, due to non controlled high blood sugar levels that persist for a long period of time, there can be also other symptoms of type 2 diabetes related to diabetes complications.

Remember; there are no clear type 2 diabetes symptoms. But you must educate yourself on recognizing them and on other precious type 2 diabetes information.

What can you do if you notice them?

Once you notice them, you can do a simple blood sugar test, and consult your physician for further assistance. Your doctor will prescribe you to take oral drugs or maybe insulin to low your blood sugar level. But, you must be aware of their severe side effects.

II - The second category of symptoms is related to diabetes complications. So, if you haven’t take precautions, the persistent high blood sugar levels can cause severe damages, such as:

- Vision changes such as blurred vision;

- Impotency;

- You may notice black skin around eyes and knuckles;

- Tingling or Numbness

While you experience diabetes, your high sugar blood level damages your nerves and your nerves blood vessels too. This leads to some specific symptoms such as tingling or numbness in your hands or feet.

Maybe, you can also, experience some burning sensation in hands, arms, legs or feet.

Heart stroke, paralysis, or even death is considered as ‘symptoms of type 2 diabetes’ too. In this case death can be the unique symptom.

You may consider yourself as part of diabetic community, if you have also one or more of the following risk factors:

* Being overweight

* Don’t do exercise, have a sedimentary life

* Smoke

* Drink alcohol

* Have family history with diabetes, such as any parent

* Are more than 45 years old

* If you are a woman and have given birth a more than 9 pound baby

Therefore, following some simple steps of changing your lifestyle habits can help you better control diabetes.

Remember: not all the symptoms can be noticed at the same time. They differ from people to people, from case to case.

Once you notice them, you can make a simple blood sugar test, and consult your physician for further assistance.

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