What is type 1 diabetes cause

Are you diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? Are you looking for the type 1 diabetes cause? Do you want to find out why you have this disease?

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Ok then. Here you can find the answers for what you need to know.

What is type 1 diabetes?

Actually, type 1 diabetes is a condition in which your body doesn’t produce insulin at all. Some studies state also that in this condition your body produces a little amount of insulin that doesn’t work properly.

What is type 1 diabetes cause?

Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the Langherhans islets in pancreas. Pancreas is your body’s organ which produces insulin. You must know that insulin is very important to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

But if you have type 1 diabetes, your body suffers of lack of insulin. And your body cells are starving for sugar. You know, sugar (glucose) is very important for your body cells to have a good function everyday.

Now, what’s happening inside your body that cannot produce insulin properly?

You must know that type 1 diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), or sugar diabetes, as well as juvenile diabetes or brittle diabetes too.

Depending on the type 1 diabetes cause, you may have either idiopathic type1 diabetes form or immune-mediated diabetes. Anyway, the right type 1 diabetes causes of are not known yet.

But what you must know is that, you, as type 1 diabetic; inherit the tendency to develop diabetes as other diabetics do. If you somehow are diagnosed with the idiopathic type 1 diabetes form, in that case, no known cause can lead you develop diabetes.

Or if you’re trying to find what the cause is for your diabetes, and even your doctor cannot tell you anything, in that case you must know that there is no identified cause to your condition.

Sometimes, it happens that the exact type 1 diabetes cause of is due to a new condition of your body known with the name of immune disorder.

In this case your body immune (defense) system recognizes some or its own cells as extraneous. The same happens with the pancreatic cells responsible for the insulin production. Your body defense system recognizes them as extraneous too.

Thus, it attacks and destroys them, and these lead to several body dysfunction, where no insulin production or little amount produced as well too.

There are some factors that precipitate the diabetes onset in these cases. They’re not really identified, but scientists accuse bacteria or viruses infections or some environmental factors such as food-borne chemical toxins.

Anyway, all they lead to insufficient insulin production. And this result to no enters of glucose inside your body’s cells. Thus, there is no fuel for them and a pile up of glucose in the blood stream.

The high blood sugar levels can lead to severe diabetes complications, and even causing you death.

I’m not telling this to scary and stress you. No way. I’m just giving you a friendly advice to you to be careful with your health and new condition onset.

What other you should know is if you’re not type 1 diabetic, but are you at risk to develop it in the future

There are some factors you must remember if to consider yourself as a “future” type1 diabetic:

- family history- if you have any parent or any siblings with type1 diabetes, the probability for you to develop it in the future is 2-7%

- ethnicity- if you’re part of a non-Hispanic population such as Americans, Caucasians, than you’ve greater chances to develop type1 diabetes

- Auto-immune disorders- if you suffer of an auto-immune disease such as celiac disease or thyroid disease, all these raise the danger of future type1 diabetes onset.

- If you’ve been infected with bacteria or viruses in your early childhood, most probable you may develop type1 diabetes.

- Early breastfeeding cessation – if you’ve been breastfeed only for none more than three months, then your probabilities to develop type 1 diabetes are higher. The same happens if you have been started to feed with cow’s milk less than 6 months old.

- It’s not caused by eating too much sugar. But you should watch the amount of sugar intake in order for you not to increase too much your current high sugar blood levels.

- Since it’s a condition that appears before 30s, and more often in men than women, you should consider these facts too.

After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes type 1 diabetes , you must educate yourself about your new health condition.

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