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The Diabetes Food Guide Pyramid serves as a structured dietary plan presented in a pyramid format. It offers a visual guide for organizing daily meals and experimenting with recipes.

Whenever consulted, it provides insights into crafting a well-balanced menu for the day, aiding individuals in making informed and health-conscious food choices.

This pyramid outlines food groups, emphasizing the importance of non-starchy vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, and portion control. By incorporating these principles, individuals can effectively manage their blood sugar levels and promote overall well-being.

The pyramid acts as a practical tool, offering inspiration and guidance for creating diverse and nutritious meals, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to maintain a diabetes-friendly diet.

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As you may see, the food pyramid contains of all types of foods, from grains to fats, from fruits and vegetables to dairies and meat.

Now, let me explain to you. I’m going to name the “pyramid’s floor” in this way: The base, the middle part, the upper part and the top.

The base of pyramid is occupied from grains, beans and other starchy vegetables. This means that you have to plan your diet menu based on this type of foods. You can get the list of foods for this category and take the benefits.

The other part (middle) is divided in two “subsidiaries” with the same strong importance: Fruits (right) and Vegetables (left). These two categories are very, very important not only to be healthy but also to lower your high blood sugar levels. So, plan your day with plenty of them.

The upper part is occupied by meat and dairies. As you may see, they can be an alternative to other foods or accompany them.

Careful: Always choose lean meat and mostly fish (at least three servings a week). When choosing dairies, make sure you choose low-fat products (milk, yogurt, or cheese).

Now, finally arrived to the top. Here we have fats and sweets. Your best fat alternatives could be olive oil or canola oil. Also plant stanols fortified margarine or low-fat butter are acceptable choices. Check here for other safe alternatives.

The right diet with the right food and lifestyle changes can help you beat diabetes naturally. There is another way of beating diabetes naturally.

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