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Type 2 diabetes information - What is type 2 diabetes?

This is a body condition, during which your body does not use sugar properly. Normally, sugar is used by your body cells as an energy provider.

And, as everything in live, blood sugar levels should be in the right balance, not less than 50 mg/dl and not > 140 mg/dl.

In case of type 2 diabetes, this balance is broken. Your blood sugar levels stay higher than 140 mg/dl.

Why does this occur?

Insulin is a hormone produced by pancreas. It helps the sugar go in the body cells. In type 2 diabetes, pancreas can produce insulin normally.

But your body cells cannot afford to get the sugar in. It remains accumulated in bloodstream causing hyperglycemia, which is responsible for diabetes symptoms and complications.

Type 2 diabetes information – where sugar comes out and causes type 2 diabetes?

It is true that sugar is the most important source of energy for our body cells. For example, brain’s cells use only sugar as their source of energy, and cannot use other source.

That’s why it is very important to keep a balance blood sugar levels for brain’s welfunction. And not only for that; need all your body cells to have a good activity with a balanced sugar.

There are some other sources like proteins and fats that can be used as fuel. But they still need to break down into sugar in order to be used from your body cells.

Normally sugar derives from your body and everything you eat. Especially from those which have high content in sugar, such as: candies, lovely cakes, alcoholic drinks, sugary juices and many others.

You should educate yourself on what kind of sugar all these foods contain. If it’s glucose, try to avoid its usual use. Instead, if it is galactose or fructose, then it’s safe taking them.

This is very important in cases where you are under oral medication treatment (drugs), or if you are taking insulin; and experiencing low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) all of a sudden. Just take such sugar foods and your blood sugar will be back to normal again.

Type 2 diabetes information – why to lower blood sugar levels?

Actually, it’s hard to distinguish type 2 diabetes symptoms, because there is no clear symptom. And this is a huge problem.

Diabetes can erode your body slowly, and you don’t notice it. Your blood vessels, your organs’ function are all down. That’s why you should care to lower your blood sugar levels.

How can you achieve this?

Once diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, your doctor will prescribe you an entire plastic bag full of oral medications. But, apart their ability to lower blood sugar, they can cause to your body severe side effects .

The only safe thing you might do is to prevent diabetes onset. Changing lifestyle habits, more exercise can help you with this. Or you can try natural cures for diabetes to lower your blood sugar level.

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