High Triglycerides & LDL & Low HDL Pre-diabetic

by wedison

QUESTION: Tenho nível alto de triglicerides e também baixo nível de hdl, como também alto nível ldl. Médico me diagnosticou como pré-diabético. Gostaria de suas informação como faço para baixar o meu nível de triglicerides. Grato.

ENGLISH-TRANSLATION: I do have high triglycerides and low HDL, and high LDL levels. My doctor diagnosed me as a pre-diabetic.

Could you provide me some information on how to lower my triglycerides? Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Wedison,

First, we do not provide our services in languages other than English. However, you can have the article translated in your own language with the valuable help of Google translate:))).

Now, you are telling that your doctor defined you as a pre-diabetic. Do you have your blood sugar results (fasting, random, oral-glucose tolerance, and A1C)?

I could help you more if I knew your test results exactly.

Now, you are having a very bad lipid profile (i.e. high triglycerides and ldl, and low hdl). There are many factors contributing in such bad lipid profile, including:

- your weight

- your lifestyle

- your diet habits

- alcohol or smoking

- using other medications.

As I do lack such information from you, I could only say that they serve also as a guide for you in order to improve your lipid profile.

In other words, if you are overweight, you should start losing weight.

If you conduct a sedentary life, please start to be active.

If your diet is very "heavy" with lots of proteins instead of vitamins, minerals, fibers, etc.; then, you should start to change that.

If you are drinking alcohol or smoking; please gather all your strength to stop drinking or smoking anymore.

If you are using other medications that are known to interfere to the lipid and glucose metabolism, please talk to your doctor to stop using those drugs or shift to others.

I apologize for not giving specific info, but, I should have the above-requested data first. In any case, you can read our reply and work close to your doctor to succeed in reversing pre-diabetes and lipid disorders, and avoiding diabetes onset.

Hope it helped!

Once again, if you want this article to be written in your own language, you can use Google translate.


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Could Simcor raise my blood sugar level?

QUESTION: Could Simcor raise my blood sugar level?

ANSWER: Hi there,

First of all, I have to remind you that Simcor is a combination of niacin and simvastatin. As you probably know, this drug is recommended in patients who have to lower their blood cholesterol level, and to reduce their higher risk of cardio-vascular problems.

Yes, it is true that this drug causes elevation in the blood glucose concentration and this fact was reported not only by you, but even from other patients. I am really sorry that you are experiencing one of the side effects of Simcor.

However, I have to inform you that no one was thinking that this drug can lead to changes in the glucose metabolism when it was introduced for the first time.

In addition, no one is able to give proper explanation of this elevation and how Simcor causes it for the moment.

However, for your own safety you have to speak with your doctor about two things. The first is eventual replacement of Simcor with another.

The second thing is to talk with him about dosage adjustments of the drugs, which you take for your diabetes, if there is not chance for you to start using another drug, which can lower your cholesterol.

Moreover, you have to know that you can do something by yourself in purpose to improve your blood glucose and blood cholesterol levels at the same time.

There are actually two things, which you can do- diet and exercises. Following low cholesterol and low glucose diet will help you maintain your blood glucose and cholesterol values within the reference ranges.

In addition, the exercises will help you to burn the excessive amount of those substances in your body, which of course will leads to lower concentration.

Hope it helped!


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