Can one have normal sugar level in blood but high sugar in urine?

Causes of High Sugar in Urine

Causes of High Sugar in Urine

QUESTION: I have done my lab tests and it was high sugar in urine, but blood sugar level was normal? Is it possible to have normal sugar level in blood but high sugar in urine?


First of all, you have to know that there is no glucose in the urine of healthy individuals.

  • Speaking the truth, there are several medical conditions, which can cause an excretion of sugar (glucose) through the kidneys, when your blood sugar level is still normal.

  • In addition, several drugs can also cause the excretion of sugar through the kidneys as their side effect. Therefore, it is compulsory that you read all the side effects of every drug that you take, just to see if this is normal for them or not.

  • Various kidney diseases can also cause a glucose excretion in the urine without having any problems with blood sugar.

    For your information, the urine is a mixture of substances, which the organism doesn’t need any more.

    Before excreting via kidneys, they have been in the blood for a certain period, and when they reach the renal tubular system, one part is excreted with the urine, and/or the other one is returned back in the blood according to the organism needs.

    Sometimes, due to the affect of some agents (i.e. the above-mentioned), the renal function can be violated and for that reason the kidney can not understand which substances are necessary for the organism.

    Therefore, it starts excreting everything that is passing through its tubular system including sugar. That is the explanation why sometimes, you may have normal blood sugar level, and, at the same time, high sugar in the urine.


    high sugar in urine , normal blood sugar
    by: veronica

    My six year old daughter has consistantly high sugar in urine (not ketones). She has been checked out by a paediatrician.

    Her blood sugar is normal, kidney function normal, ultrasound normal, glucose tolerance test normal.

    What is wrong? The doctor doesnt seemed to be able to find it? any ideas? she is not on any meds and has a normal diet.

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