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QuestionFirst of all, my husband has type 2 diabetes and we were wondering if Actos has become generic here in the USA yet. 

Because we are paying so much for the brand name that he has had to go on insulin which was cheaper, and now has gone UP double from last month. And we were wondering who to ask if Actos has gone generic yet.

Thanks for your help. 


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Answer:    Hi Lesa,

Selecting the right drug to treat diabetes, especially that of type 2 is a very important step medically and financially. The medical team is constrained to look for the best alternatives for the patients. 

Now, for your information, the brand name Actos stands for Pioglitazone drug. It is of hypoglycemic drug group of thiazolidinediones. As I am not keen to the drugs, I would mention that Actos has come with several side effects, including cardiac problems and bladder tumors. 

Therefore, some of the countries have been constrained to withdrawn it from the market such as France where it was found a high prevalence of bladder cancer associated with Actos use. 

In addition, FDA has been continuing to educate the patients with the side effects of Actos, especially those related to cardiac events and tumors. 

So, as you may see, there are many side effects that should be taken into account while using or prescribing Actos. 

  • With regards to other brand names known in USA, unfortunately, Pioglitazone is sold under that trademark of Actos in USA and Canada. Therefore, there is no other brand name you can find it there. 

However, you can discuss with your doctor regarding the possibility to change therapy or drug regimen as insulin can increase its BMI. 

At last, I would like to recommend some simple steps to help your husband lower his blood sugar level: 

  1. Try to change his lifestyle regimen; quitting the bad habits and implementing the good ones is a very good, cheap and worthy alternative.
  2. Ask your husband to quit alcohol or smoking. 
  3. Help your husband to be physically active. You can start to make short walking together and then some other aerobic exercises. 
  4. Design a healthy menu for your husband, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish, and poor in processed and ready-to-make foods. 
  5. Prepare some tea with the right herbal mixture for diabetics, including cinnamon, bitter melon, etc. If you cannot find the right herbs at your local market, ask for the right herbs in your area that have been traditionally used for general wellness and diabetes. 

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