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All these questions about diabetes mellitus have answers below. The complete diabetes guide-help and quickly understand the basic of diabetes.

What is diabetes mellitus, the most common question of information on diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a unusual body condition in which, our body cannot afford to use properly the sugar. For the complete story on diabetes mellitus definition, click here.

Normally, sugar is used by our bodie's cells as glucose, as an energy provider, in order for them to live.

As everything in this world that is lead from the balance law, the blood sugar levels should be not more than 140 mg/dl and non less than 50 mg/dl. Mg/dl is the body rate of sugar blood levels.

When the sugar blood levels are higher than normal, we have the condition of hyperglycemia ( high sugar blood level), which leads to several moderate to severe complicationos creating the unusual body condition of Diabetes Mellitus.

But why does this occur? Because your body is not able to produce enough insulin which lower your sugar blood levels.

Or, another one is because the cells doesn't respond properly to insulin orders , and cannot use the sugar for their needs. In this way,the sugar remains in the blood stream accumulated and causing hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus.

● Information on diabetes mellitus - Where sugar comes out and cause diabetes?

Your body needs sugar. It is the most important source of energy for our body. Yes, it is true that there are some other sources of energy like fat or proteins, but they still they have to break down to sugar (glucose) in order to be used by body cells.

Among these cells, brain cells use only sugar as a source of energy. So, you must understand what importance has to have an optimal rate of sugar blood levels for brain welfunction.

There are different sources of sugar. You can take sugar from all foods you eat, especially from those who contain high concentration of sugar like: candies, lovely cakes, alcoholic drinks, sugary juices and many many others.

But you should look at what kind of sugar food contains. If it is glucose, then don't use it commonly.

But if it is galactose or fructose, then it's alright for you to use it, especially when you're taking oral drugs or insulin, and you suddenly face hypoglycemia, you should take these foods.

Sugar comes from:

- your body

- food

● Information on diabetes mellitus - Why lower blood sugar levels

There are no diabetes symptoms . And this is a big problem, because of what diabetes can cause, or high blood sugar level can cause to your body. Many diabetes complications, are due to what high blood sugar levels do to body vessels and cells, destroying them.

Recognizing in time the warning signs diabetes will help you preventing these severe complications onset.

● How to beat diabetes

Once diabetes is set up, you may be asking about the right cure for diabetes mellitus and how to beat it.

You can use several ways to beat your diabetes.

First, watch your diet. Eat healthy, non sugary food for not to worsen your diabetes.

Second, if you are drinking or smoking, immediately stop them and do not use them anymore.

Third, if you are overweight or obese, try to lose weight through simple exercise programs. Not heavy one, but just simple walking, yoga.

Forth, you can use nutritional supplements. You can find several nutritional supplements to reduce your diabetes,like bitter melon juices, cinnamon, vitamin C, chromium.

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