Metformin Dosage Questions for Diabetes Types And PCOS Explained!

Metformin Dosage Questions for Diabetes Types And PCOS Explained!

Before talking about the right Metformin dosage, let's have a look at Metformin.

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Metformin - one of the best anti-diabetic drugs

Since Metformin was approved by FDA in 1994, through numerous clinical trials and experiments, doctors have completed the best therapeutic scheme, which is applied in every patient. There are some things, which may affect the results from the therapy:

1. Levels of HbA1c, higher than 9%, the aim of the therapy is levels of HbA1c about 7% or less.

2. Lack of physical activity.

3. Overweight.

4. Unmanageable diabetes type 2.

5. Unmanageable diet.

These factors will delay the results but they will appear, this is 100% sure. For instance, in patients with HbA1c higher than 9%, there was a significant reduce of this percentage (down to 7.5%) in one month.

What’s the best Metformin dosage?

The therapeutic scheme for Metformin goes like that:

1. Starting dose is 500 mg, taken twice a day. This means that the total of 1 g per day. Another alternative to patients who do not tolerate the drug very well is the possibility to take 850 mg per day.

You must not expect results during this week because it is proven that the minimum effective dose is 1500 mg per day. However, the aim of this week is to prepare your body for the intake of greater dosages of Metformin.

2. During the second week, you have to increase the dosage up to 1500 mg per day. You have to take first 1000 mg and later on 500 mg of Metformin.

3. After one week, you will be able to take 2000 mg of Metformin per day. This will happen, if you take two times 1000 mg.

However, if you will experience certain side effects, the dosages need to be reduced. Also, it is recommended not to exceed 2550 mg of Metformin per day.

What kind of tests, you need to undergo during the treatment with Metformin?

You need to test yourself regularly for:

1. HbA1c levels - HbA1c levels represent how well you manage your diabetic condition. It allows the doctor to gain the overall impression of the therapy.These levels indicate the results from the past three months.

Increased levels of HbA1c are associated with elevated levels of mortality and increased risk of cardio-vascular complications. That’s why Metformin dosage may need to be revised, if your levels are still high.

2. Fasting insulin - Fasting insulin test shows whether metformin manages to reduce the levels of serum insulin.

3. Glucose/cholesterol - Glucose and cholesterol test are used to keep track of your general condition. You can perform at home with home-test kits or at any medical center.

As Metformin is a drug and has side effects; you can start lowering your blood glucose levels naturally , through simple and totally manageable steps. You just need to have STRONG WILLING.

Metformin Dosage in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a very serious disorder, where Metformin could help. The Metformin dosages, which are applied here, are as follows:

1. First week - 1 pill of 500 mg.

2. Second week - 2 pill of 500 mg.

3. Third week - two separate intakes of 850 mg of Metformin.

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