Vanadium Diabetes Treatment


I am sure that most probably, you have heard about vanadium diabetes treatment.

Actually, there are many stories about this treatment. But how to recognize the true one?

As you have all the rights in the world to get knowledge, kindly seek in the following paragraphs what you are looking for. In other words, let’s get to know what vanadium can really do.

What is vanadium?

It is a trace mineral found in our body.

What are good food sources for vanadium?

Some of foods containing vanadium include cereals, corn, whole grain, snap beans, soybean, radishes, olives, mushrooms, meat, and seafood .

With regards to herbs, parsley and/or dill do contain it in an average amount.


parsley vanadium


meat vanadium


olive vanadium


cereals vanadium

What is the safe vanadium dosage when used in diabetes?


beans vanadium

The amount of 10 to 100 mcg per day is considered safe and appropriate. Keep in mind that the amount you get from food is safe. When you take it as a supplement, do not exceed the upper limit of 100 mcg/day.

Vanadium treatment – how does it work to lower blood sugar?

Normally, vanadium acts as a co-factor for various enzymes which are part of blood sugar, lipid and cholesterol metabolism.

Many clinical trials conducted in animals have determined what can do vanadium for diabetes. In both type 1 and 2 diabetes, vanadium works by mimicking the insulin, leading to lower blood sugar.

Vanadium diabetes treatment – the side effects

vanadium for diabetes

Now, you must understand that everything in our life comes to a balance. If this balance is broken for one reason or another, then problems spring out.

The same happens for vanadium. The daily dose intake varies from 10 to 100 mcg. As I mentioned above, you may take it through foods.

You may know that there exist some dietary supplements which contain vanadium in the form of vanadyl sulphate. The average doses these supplements contain is till 10 mcg. This dose is considered safe and appropriate.

If the amount intake is higher than 100 mcg then the problems come. It has been shown from some research studies that in high doses, vanadium can destroy beta cells.

Due to its act as a promotor for various enzymes in your body, if used in higher doses, vanadium can put these enzymes aside and other problems will spring out.

As you may see, vanadium can help you lowering blood sugar levels; that is why we can call it "vanadium diabetes treatment". But you must always be in touch with your physician while taking it to avoid these problems.

Once again I repeat to you that the dietary supplements usually contain the dose of 10 mcg which is a safe and appropriate one. And you can get great profits.

Remember: the best and safest way you can take it is by food. But in case you still want to try a dietary supplement, I strongly recommend you to choose the one which contains the best herbs and minerals in a safe dose that can help you beat diabetes naturally.

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