The recommended diet for gestational diabetes

I know that it may seem very difficult to follow a recommended diet for gestational diabetes. It seems very difficult to follow a right diet for a healthy, everyday life, rather than you are diabetic.

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But you should care and follow the right advices given to you when you have gestational diabetes. You have two lives to care of: yours and your baby’s. Neither of them deserves to be wasted.

Now, you should understand that the recommended diet for gestational diabetes is the first step of controlling it before using any drugs. It’s true that we are what we eat. When it comes to pregnancy, excessive food eaten seems to harm you and your baby health.

Remember: Don’t eat for two when you are pregnant. What you can do is to eat in a healthy way.

The following are some simple tips you should consider about the recommended diet for gestational diabetes. Always keep in mind to have a close relation with your physician for every assistance or advice you need.

First of all you should watch the amount of calories intake. I’m not talking here to count the calories of everything you’re eating. I’m telling you to choose the right foods with low calories (complex carbohydrates), plenty of minerals and vitamins, and fibers.

If you’re taking insulin, try to match the amount of calories intake with insulin dosage. Don’t limit the foods you take if you’re taking insulin. This can prevent a possible hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level), which is not good for you and your baby.

You should follow a regular meal schedule included in the recommended diet for gestational diabetes. Try to have three regular main meals everyday. Since you’re pregnant and also taking insulin, you should add two or three snack times to your everyday meal plan.

Remember to not change the time of your main meals and snacks. This can help you to furnish you body with the necessary elements it needs and at the same time, keeping your diabetes under control.

What foods should the recommended diet for gestational diabetes have?

First of all, try to avoid every food which is high in carbohydrates, especially in simple carbohydrates. You should try to put a moderate amount in your daily meal plan: table sugar, honey, soda, juice, or syrup, because they can make you blood sugar levels increase very quickly. And this is not good for your gestational diabetes.

As energy (calories) sources, try to use whole-grain breads, starches that are rich in fibers too.

Next, try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, which contain complex carbohydrates, and provide your body with vitamin, minerals it needs, especially when you’re pregnant. They are rich in fibers too and very healthy.

What is more, the most important thing is to drink plenty of water all the day. You can take fruit juices as well, but in moderation. Maybe you can take them during meals.

Drinking plenty of water during all day, will give you freshness, will not increase your blood sugar levels, and help your body eliminate the metabolic wastes.

You should strictly avoid smoking, alcohol, because they can harm your baby. What is more they can worsen your diabetes. Try to use caffeine in moderation. The best choice for you is to avoid it completely.

At last, all the above tips of a recommended diet for gestational diabetes cannot help you alone. Try to exercise yourself , some simple exercises that will help you with your diabetes and to deliver too.

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