Drinking MDS Forte Elixir to Prevent Diabetes! 

Does drinking MDS forte elixir help to prevent diabetes or easy the diabetes symptoms?
Should a non-diabetic person take it on regular base?

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Hi dear readers, 

Hope you are doing fine! Spring is coming with rejuvenating earth blossoms:). This is for those living in a four-season-country:) 

Now, coming to today's story. There is a post from Sally, who is asking about taking MDS forte elixir to prevent diabetes. The following is her e-mail to us:


I have started drinking Mds forte elixir 3x a day before meals.  As I am not on diabetic tablets I thought I would try the elixir. Have u heard of this and is it any good for diabetics.  I would like to hear your views on this please."

First, I want to thank you Sally for trusting our judgement in giving response to your concern. 

Now, let's go and answer to your question. Keep in mind that nothing makes miracles. In other words, do not expect miracles from specific foods or drinks. 

The only miracle can be derived from your good and healthy behavior (lifestyle, diet, etc.). If you are not consistent in these steps, then, do not expect for MDS forte or other elixirs to do the miracles. 

Next, if you are facing something new in any of the drug stores (on-and-offline), please read their composition. So, with regards to MDS forte elixir, according to the manufacturer's instruction, it is composed of the extracts of: 

  • Lagerstroemia speciosa leaf (formerly known as Banaba)
  • Tecoma stans bark (formerly known as Yellow Bells)
  • Neurolaena lobata leaf (formerly known as Jackass bitters)
  • Cinnamomum verum bark (or Ceylon cinnamon)
  • Pimpinella anisum  fruit (also known as Anise or aniseed)

So, as you may see, all these ingredients are not extra-terrestrial, they are grown in our earth and you can get their benefits. Our ancestors did take advantage of their use. Now, it's up to us to trust in their judgement or not. 

Therefore, nowadays, scientific machinery has moved forward to find new ways to help us reduce the chances of getting a disease. 

In you case, you are not a diabetic, therefore, you can employ healthy lifestyle and diet strategy to prevent diabetes onset. You can use tea or such herbal extracts, however, I do have my doubts regarding their use for a long period of time. 

To my opinion, you can have these extracts or tea from time in time to avoid any undesiderable side effects.

In addition, it is not neccessary to take such extracts when there is a possibility to take them as a food. 

  • For example, cinnamon bark has been used not only as tea, but, I do remember, my mom used to buy it frequently as a "chewing-gum". The taste of cinnamon bark today is so different from the one I have tried when I was a child. 
  • Next, Lagerstroemia speciosa or Banaba leaf is known for its component in reducing blood sugar. Therefore, if you are not a diabetic, and taking such herb in regular basis, I think that could cause problems to your body. 

However, on the other side, Banaba has shown relevant efficacy in reducing weight in obese people. 

  • Moreover, I have seen Pimpinella anisum or aniseed in many supermarkets in South-east Asia and in Europe. I have always thought it is like a fennel (we like fennel and use to use it in our dishes). 
  • With regards to its components, it is rich in fiber and antioxidants.  Therefore, it might be effective in diabetics. However, I have only found few studies regarding their effect in lowering body weight. 
  • At last, this is my first time I have heard about using this Tecoma stans (Yellow bells) for medicinal purposes. I have found a study of Raju et.al. regarding the components of Tecoma stans, a plant growing in Mexico. According to this study, Tecoma shown hypoglycemic and anti-diabetic properties as well as anti-tumoral, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. 
  • Meanwhile, the only scientific evidence I have found in Pubmed regarding the Neurolaena lobata is related to its anti-protozoa activity. There is not evidence for its hypoglycemic or anti-diabetic property, so I cannot tell for sure about its effect. 

As you may see, each part of the earth is rich in plants that can help healing many diseases, including diabetes. However, you should use them wisely to get the maximum effect with less side effects. 

Hope it helps!


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