Your practical guide to using diabetes testing strips

tips while using testing strips

Information about testing strips, lancets and lancing devices.

As you may know, testing strips are some thin pieces of places placed into glucose meter to read your blood sugar levels.

You can use them only one time by dropping your blood onto a test strip or either by drawing into it.

This depends on what type you’re using.

NORMAL or DANGEROUS    Type Your Blood sugar Level:    mg/dl

Accuracy tips while using testing strips

1- Follow the specific routine explained by the manufacturer.

2- Code your glucose meter each time you use a new box of test strips.

3- Make sure you purchase diabetes test strips compatible with your meter.

4- Use control solutions at least one test per box.

5- Be sure not to use again the lancets to avoid calluses, infections and pain.

Diabetes lancets and lancing devices – Info and quick tips

test strips

1. Diabetes lancets are the devices that prickles your finger to get the blood for the test. They have various gauges, which refer to the width of the metal point.

2. It’s good to use higher gauge lancet. It’s painless. At same time not enough blood comes out. Up to you the decision.

4. Lancing devices are some automatic devices which through a spring mechanism insert the lancet into your skin.

5. You can adjust the depth according to the thickness of the skin and sensibility of the fingertip.

6. They can sprinkle your finger with no pain at all.

7. You can reset the lancet for the next use easily. Just by removing the cover or through a push-pull mechanism.

8. It’s easy to have anytime and anywhere you want to perform your glucose test. They are cheap and you can afford them.

9. Do not share your lancing device to avoid transmission of diseases by contaminated blood.

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