Famous People with Diabetes - No "mercy" for nobody!

It is true: there exist some famous people with diabetes. Once again, this disease shows us that does not have any mercy on anybody (including the famous and rich ones).

Below you will get to know about those famous people who are dealing with diabetes, its complications or side effects . Furthermore, you will get to know the people who are related somehow with diabetes by doing research, funding, associations, etc.

We are all humans; and must help each-other. The testimony of diabetics should be a enlighten guide for all those open-minded who want to learn and make a difference.

They serve as witness for the bad and good deals with diabetes. Question may rise: Is diabetes related to the luxury these people own? Or, it is related to the stress they have because of their work, social position and reputation they should "keep alive"?

If a construction-man suffers from diabetes, this is not a news. But, when we read "Chuck Norris Diabetic"; this is a real NEWS (media has lots of work!).

We are all humans, but we are different. However, the "emotional weight" we carry is equally distributed. The construction-man has a family to feed; therefore, when something goes wrong with him, all his family will suffer emotionally and economically.

When something goes wrong to famous people with diabetes, then the whole world will know and "suffer" (media is really good for that).

At the end, I want to distinguish some people who have suffered from diabetes and have, at the same time, worked hard to "combat" this disease.

  • Ray Croc - I'm sure you all have heard about McDonald. Do you know who the founder is? This guy here, Ray Croc, a diabetic, who "faced" diabetes and arthritis and worked hard for McDonald and what it is today.
  • James Farmer - He has fought all his entire life against racism; however, he did not succeed to beat his diabetes. His sight and legs got lost because of extreme, uncontrollable diabetes.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev - I believe all of you recognize this politician. This former USSR leader could not escape diabetes, therefore he is controlling it through drugs.
  • Enver Hoxha - Another former communist Albanian leader was diagnosed with diabetes since 1948, and for 37 years has been treated and followed a strict diabetic regimen.
  • Elvis Presley, Ernest Hemingway, Anne Rice, etc are some other art people suffering from diabetes.
  • The first person treated with insulin was George R. Minot, the Winner Prize for Anemia.
  • There are other people who have worked or supported the work for diabetes, such as Lois Jovanovic (pioneer in the work on diabetes and pregnancy);Halle Berry (volunteer for the Juvenile Diabetes Association; Della Reese(spokeswoman of American Diabetes Association); Mary Tyler Moore(international chairwoman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation); etc.

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