Diabetes Banaba Cure? - Plant-insulin for Diabetics Benefits

Can one cure diabetes with banaba?
What are the benefits of banaba leaf extracts in lowering blood sugar?
Any side effects I should know?

banaba diabetes beneffits

I was really surprised when I’ve first heard about banaba cure. So far, I’ve never heard about this plant.

Now I know that it can be known with the names of Banaba herbs, extract, and leaf or with the scientific name of Lagerstroemia speciosa. It is commonly known as “plant-insulin’ as well as “botanical-insulin”.

If you’re living in tropical regions, such as southern Asia, you are very lucky because you can have banaba very close to you.

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I am not saying that you should become upset if you are living elsewhere. In nowadays, it is very easy to find banaba and get the benefits of banaba in curing diabetes.

It has been mostly used in Philippines as a popular medicine to cure diabetes. Meanwhile, in Japan, this banaba tea is quite vogue among the population.

On the other hand, the Americans in US are using it as a secure, natural factor even for losing weight.

Since 1996, many scientific trials have been done to prove the benefits of banaba cure for diabetes.

What can banaba do for your diabetes?

It is able to lower you high sugar blood levels, and help you to lose weight.


In every single herb or other natural cures you should look for its ingredients; what they can do to keep you fit, or cure your current health conditions (including diabetes).

  • Due to its active components, a lipoic acid called corosolic acid and tannins (lagerstroemin), found in its extract, it can help you improve your blood sugar levels.

These components improve the glucose transport in the body cells, increasing the in-take of glucose. Also they have an insulin-like action and activators of insulin receptors.

In this way, it helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels and of the blood insulin levels too.

  • What is more, it can contribute in weight loss of most of type2 diabetics. It is a well known fact that in most cases, the blood sugar level variations are due to uncontrolled appetite, excessive hunger and foods cravings (like sweets).

Banaba helps you to maintain under control your blood sugar and insulin levels, by reducing the total calories intake. This leads you to weight loss too apart of controlling diabetes.

  • Lagerstroemia speciosa can reduce your cholesterol levels too. Thus, it can prevent the onset of atherosclerosis related diseases (such as heart disease) and the possible death. 

Any side effects of using Banaba?

  • It highly recommended not to try high doses of banaba for a better result. It can lead to hypoglycemic symptoms, possible caused by excessively low blood sugar levels. It is not recommended even by scientific researches.
  • It is also recommended that breast-feeding mothers should not use banaba to prevent any undesiderable side effects in their babies although scientific evidence is not complete.

In other people, the use of banaba is considered safe. However, I would emphasize that using banaba (whether as leaf tea or its extract) alone cannot help you much.

Lifestyle and dietary changes, along with the use of other herbs, vitamins and minerals altogether play a crucial role in controlling your diabetes.

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Last medically reviewed 02/15/2019. 


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