8 Diabetes skin care tips

8 tips for diabetes skin care

Practical step-by-step guide to caring for your skin

Some simple tips on how to take properly care for your skin is all you’ll need once you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, or realizing to be at risk having it in the future.

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High blood sugar levels are risk factors for damaged skin. Due to high blood sugar levels, your skin and the tissues that surround it, lose their vital moisture.

In this way your skin becomes dehydrated and dry. You can notice it when you see your elbows, feet, and legs being always dry. This one part of medallion.

On the other part, this dehydrated, dry skin is very vulnerable. So, it can easily undergo to peeling and cracking. When your skin is open due to them, it becomes prone of various germs entering and infection occurring.

Many times these infections are very severe, and it’s not possible to heal even a simple wound. The only way required is the amputation of the foot or of the legs.

Secondly, other possible cause of skin problems in diabetics can be the poor blood circulation. Diabetes can affect blood circulation by reducing it.

But, also nerve sensation are affected, and diabetics can face loss of nerve sensation too.

All these can make your skin sweat gland to slow down in their function. This results in less sweating, which can worsen the process of dry skin. Thus, further damages can occur to you skin, which goes drier and drier with the passing of time.

That’s why is very important to have a good care for your skin. The following practical tips can give you a hand: 

1 – Optimize your high blood sugar levels

This is the first thing you should do. And this is valid for all other problems you may face, not only for diabetes.

2 – Keep your skin dry as much as you can

For this you must use warm water when bathing. Avoid frequent bathing and staying too long bathing; it keeps skin dry. Do use shower creams that help moisture your skin.

After bath, make it sure you’re dry enough. And do drink plenty of water whenever you are thirsty to help your skin keep dry.

3 – Do check regularly your skin for damaged areas

Look for any spots which may seem dry, red, or sore to avoid future infection.

4 – Be careful while treating cuts or burns

In case of simple and small cuts or burns, treat them right away.

First use clean water and soap to wash the area. Then cover with a sterile bandage. Sometimes you’ll not need to cover, just them well ventilated.

In case of big ones, take the first aid and run immediately to a doctor.

5 – Do use room humidifiers to prevent dry skin

Especially when outside temperatures are low, you can use them.

6 - Use sunscreens with a15 or higher SPF

In sunny days, these sunscreens used on your nose will protect from sun. If you put on a hat will double protect you.

7 – Always go for cotton clothes

That will keep you safe from lots of skin problems. Do change your clothes, especially your underwear frequently.

8 – Seek dermatologist help

Especially when you have problems such as acne, chapped lips, and for worthy advices on what kind of creams, shampoos, or lotions you can use; go and seek a dermatologist. A professional advice will keep away from troubles.

All the above diabetes skin care tips will be a helpful practical guide to a proper skin care.

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