Is gaining Weight in Diabetes because of Insulin?

weight gain in diabetes and insulin

You’ll be surprised when somebody will talk about gaining weight in diabetics. This is because most of the time, advice emphasize the importance of weight loss in diabetes control.


Well, weight loss is the target that every diabetic should reach during their battle against many problems coming out with diabetes.

The most important thing for you is to find out the causes of your problems, look for their remedies, and continue the fight. Never give up! Otherwise, it would become worst and worst...

As I always like to say: everything in this world has a remedy. The solution is next to the door waiting for you. It depends on how smart enough you are to grab it, and use it to control your diabetes.

Now, let’s turn on diabetes and weight gain. It is true that you as a diabetic may face this problem. And you may be asking...: 

Why gain weight ?

1. If you have type1 diabetes, and are being treated with insulin injections, this can be one of the reasons for you to gain weight.

At the beginning, when you were not diagnosed with diabetes, you might have been losing weight.

But now, after taking insulin, you notice that you’re gaining weight. The same thing may happen if you have type 2 diabetes and are controlling your diabetes with insulin injections.

You must understand the insulin is a hormone that delights to deposit fats in your body, especially when the doses you’re taking are very high. But this can lead to weight gain, and that is not good to keep your diabetes under control.

2. On the other hand, when your blood sugar levels are being optimized, and are near the normal, this can also result to weight gain.

This is because, at the beginning, due to high blood sugar levels, your body eliminated the excessive sugar through urine together with calories it need.

But now that the blood sugar levels are near normal, you may face an increase of calories too, which lead to uncontrolled diabetes and weight gain.

3. While you’re taking insulin, especially high doses, you feel the need to have snacks to avoid hypoglycemia. But this is not good as it will result to weight gain.

The best thing to do here is to reduce the doses of insulin you’re taking. If you see that your sugar blood levels are being optimizing, you may consult your doctor to decrease the doses of insulin injected.

This keeps you away from bad snacks, protects you from hypoglycemia and weight gain too. There exist certain other natural alternatives that can help control diabetes without facing any weight gain and hypoglycemia side effects.

4. In case you have type2 diabetes, most of the time you may face weight gain problems. This is because obesity is the key-leader to diabetes onset and bad management.

Following the best diabetes diet plan , doing the right lifestyle changes, keeping on a well-detailedexercise schedule, for sure you’ll cut off diabetes and weight gain concerns.

All the above tips will help you in increasing the insulin sensitivity, decreasing insulin resistance, keeping you away from weight gain, and have a great healthy life.

At the end you must keep in mind that you should avoid to gain weight, not only as a diabetic, but also if you don’t have it. There are many challenges coming with diabetes and weight gain altogether.

As a diabetic you have more probabilities to develop heart disease, stroke or even death. If you gain weight meanwhile, these probabilities would increase and become the highest.

On the other hand, being overweight would make your insulin become more resistant, and no medication therapy would help you lowering your blood sugar levels.

Take-Home Tips

As a human being you have enough strength to beat your diabetes. Try to choose the most natural ways you can.

Last medically reviewed 01/02/2019

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