Get to know the signs of gestational diabetes

The information about the signs of gestational diabetes, you can find together with symptoms of gestational diabetes. The signs and the symptoms are almost the same.

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First of all, before talking about the signs, you must know if you’re really in risk to develop it.

So, if you:

- have one of your family members with diabetes

- have a past history of high blood sugar level

- have sugar [glucose] in your urine [also known as glucosuria]

- are part of Hispanic, American Indians and black community

- have a previous history of giving birth to more than 9 pounds baby

- and if your current pregnancy weight is more than advised by your physician

If you have the above risk then you may consider yourself with high risk to develop gestational diabetes.

Coming to the most common signs and symptoms of gestational diabetes that you may experience, they are considered as ‘the gold’ signs of diabetes .


- extreme thirst and hunger

- Extreme urination. Pregnant women usually do have problems with excessive urinary output due to increased liquids intake. But it becomes a sign of gestational diabetes in case of extreme urination.

- unusual tiredness and fatigue

- blurred vision

- gaining too much weight during pregnancy than advised

- bladder, vagina, or skin recurrent infections

- extreme stomach moan

The above are the most known as symptoms of gestational diabetes . But, remember:

There are no clear or noticeable signs for most of the pregnant women.

A regular urine glucose test or blood sugar levels test can determine the gestational diabetes onset in this case.

Once you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, be close to your physician, follow all the advices given and don't be stressed.

Keep in mind that controlling gestation diabetes once it is set, it's not easy.

If you put all your good willing, you will win this battle and give birth to your child. For this purpose, you may consider some simple and natural steps. Click her to find out more.

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