Diabetes Leg Pain and Care

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Why is my leg having such pain? How to deal with this pain?
What is the best way of caring for a diabetic foot?

Diabetes Leg Pain

Dealing with leg pain is one of the most difficult challenges (complications) diabetics are facing. 

  • The most important causes of pain in the legs in diabetics are due to vascular problems that offer a poor circulation in this peripheral part of your body.

So, due to these circulatory problems, your blood might pool in the lower parts of your body, causing what is called peripheral vascular disease.

  • If you have diabetes, another big concern is arteriosclerosis. It can cause your blood vessels to narrow. Thus, there is a reduced healthy oxygen-rich blood flow to muscles in your legs.

In this case, you may feel claudication. That means you may feel a special pain which is result from lack of good blood supply to calf muscles.

On the other part, the poor circulation makes it difficult to fight infection in the lower parts of your body. However, an uncured infection and these blood flow problems can lead to amputations in these regions.

That’s why you need to care about recognizing in time the diabetes feet symptoms and have a good feet care too.

  • Another thing I wanted to share wish you is the news that astonished me published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal: it is better to be tall or short when you have diabetes.

This is according to a study of the National Taiwan University Hospital that was reported in this journal, from which was resulted that taller diabetics are more likely to need amputation than those who are shorter.

In fact, what happens is that when you have diabetes, it’s common for you to face nerve damages (called neuropathy). The nerves that go to the legs and feet are longer than those that reach other parts of your body.

This characteristic makes them be more vulnerable to diabetic nerve damages. It’s natural that the taller you might be the longer, more susceptible to deterioration and function loss these nerves can be.

Meanwhile, when you are short, these nerves can be shorter too, and nerve damages can hardly happen to them. So, you can feel better leg or feet pain when you cut or some other wounds can happen.

In this way, you have greater chance to cure them before serious damages can occur.

Anyway, keep in mind that you don’t have to regret if you are tall. No way. What you should do is to care about your leg pain.

How to care about leg pain ?

Through a regular and accurate everyday check of your legs and feet for wounds, ulcers, or anything else that might seem unusual. Once you notice them, immediately get them treated. Don’t wait!

This is not an advice given to you as a tall diabetic person, but it is of worth for both tall and short diabetics!

Furthermore, it is important to take a good control of diabetes in order to minimize or avoid having such problems.

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