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What can do Gymnema Sylvestre for Diabetes control?
How to use gymnema to treat diabetes? What other health benefits can I get?
What is the right gymnema dosage? Any side effects I should be aware of?

gynema sylvestre for diabetics

It might sound strange talking about using gymnema sylvestre for diabetes control. Generally, when somebody wants to try some new remedies to cure any of his/her health conditions, these kinds of questions spring out to be more confident in achieving the required results.

The same thing happens when you decide to use Gymnema sylvestres as natural remedy to cure your diabetes.

For your information, the very first uses of this herb are by Ayuverdic Medicine of Indians. It rises up as a woody climber in tropical forests of central and southern India. So, it was easy for them to use it for more than two millennium not only as natural treatment for diabetes but for other body conditions as well.

This huge experience is taken in consideration in our days to come out with the best uses and dosage of gymnema sylvestre for diabetes control.

There have been many scientific reports since 1990 regarding the benefits of gymnema sylvestre, especially in blood glucose control. Many of them have concluded that this herb can help diabetics of both types, 1 and 2 in their hard war of beating diabetes naturally.

What exactly can do Gymnema sylvestre for diabetes?

First of all, if you have type1 diabetes, it can reduce the need for insulin and lower the fasting blood glucose levels. 

How is this possible?

Due to its active component GS4, which raises the number of beta cells in the pancreas. Thus, the internal production of insulin (the amount of insulin produced by our body itself) is enhanced.

I think in cases of acquired type 1 diabetes (due to viruses or other inflammatory disease), if there are still little beta cells undamaged; then this action can take place.

The same thing happens if you’ve type 2 diabetes, because in the same way it can enhance your body insulin production and lower the fasting glucose levels.

  • Next, the other hypoglycemic component of gymnema sylvestre is called gymnemic acid. It can reduce the intestinal glucose uptake and, thus, you can have low blood sugar levels.

This is particularly important for type 1 diabetics, who try to keep their blood glucose as low as possible. However, type 2 diabetics can take also benefit. Furthermore, there will be less need to use drug therapy with as fewer side effects as possible.

  • In addition, If you have type2 diabetes, obesity is one of the aggravating factors for your current condition. Here, gymnema sylvestre can help you losing weight, especially if it is combined with calcium citrate and chromium. This wonderful combination can also give you a suppression effect to your appetite.

That's exactly how I'm suggesting you to take gymnema sylvestre for diabetes control. Always try in combination with other minerals and herbs for diabetes.

One combination I prefer most is: calcium, chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, banaba, bitter melon, black cumin, green tea, alpha lipoic acid and gymnema sylvestre.

What are other health impact of gymnema other than diabetes control?

Another great action of gymnema is related to decreasing total cholesterol levels, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Instead, the HDL (good) cholesterol levels will be enhanced.


It component, gymneic acid can inhibit the absorption of oleic acid, which is one of the omega-9 fatty acids found in vegetable oil, animal fat, and other sources of dietary fat.

As a consequence your total cholesterol levels, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol will be reduced. Instead, the HDL (good) cholesterol levels will be enhanced. Actually, the intake of gymneic acids in higher doses was shown to be associated with increased fecal cholesterol and Ca-derived bile salts excretion.

  • Another name that Hindi has given to it is “gourmand”, that means “destroyer of sugar”. It can be used also as a gymnema gum, and if chewed can reduce sugar cravings blocking the ability to “taste” sugar (sweetness).

These are all you need to know about what can do gymnema sylvestre to help you control diabetes. Keep in mind that you cannot use it only for beating diabetes naturally, but also for your general well being too.

Actually, its leaves have been used for stomach ailments, constipation, water retention and liver disease from ancient times; you can try it for these general purposes at nowadays too.

What is the right dosage of taking gymnema sylvestre?

There is no exact consensus about the right dosage of gymnema sylvestre as for anything else as well. It all depends on the health conditions of the person who is taking it, age, etc.

Although while using as a common food, the quantity does not have any importance; however, if you use its extract (in the form of capsules or other supplemments); then, be careful to not use more than 300 mg per day (1 capsule is usually 100 mg),

What are the gymnema side effects I should be aware of?

Generally, gymnema is safe. However, pregnant and lactating mothers, and children are not recommended to take gymnema.

In addition, if you are taking any hypoglymiant drug, you should be close to your doctor in order to adjust their dosage. Gymnema has been related to hypoglycemia in these cases.

At last, although many effects have not been reported, you should be prepared for anything you notice while using gymnema sylvestre and be in contact with your doctor.

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