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A Simple Diabetic Mixed Cabbage & Carrot Salad Recipes

As we are dedicated to help you beating diabetes naturally; I decided to share this simple recipe of mixed salad with cabbage, carrot, onion and olives and sprinkles or lemon.

Simple Diabetic Mixed Cabbage

Step no.1:

For this simple salad, I took:

1/5 white cabbage (it was very big)

1/3 red cabbage

2 carrots

1 onion

1 lemon (half squeezed; other half cut)

salt to taste

olive oil (2 tablespoons)

cut  red cabbage carrots

Step no.2:

I cut the red cabbage. You can use the veggie cutter or chopper machine. I used this simple one as shown in the photo.

Red cabbage is well-known for its high content in potassium (243 mg/100g) and vitamin A (116 IU/100g) and vitamin K (38.2 µg/100g).

cut the red cabbage

Step no.3:

I also cut the white cabbage in very tiny pieces.

White cabbage is rich in folate (43 µg/100g) and a good source of magnesium.

cut the white cabbage

Step no.3:

Next, I finely cut the carrots.

Apart being high in vitamin A, potassium, vitamin K; carrots are also a good source of magnesium, natural carbohydrates and fiber.

cut the carrots

Step no.4:

I chopped the onions. You can also cut them finely; but, I like their taste when chopped.

Some of my friends do not like onion taste even to see them. So, they prefer the tiny-cut onions.

By the way, onions are a natural source of potassium, calcium, folate and magnesium.

chopped the onions

Step no.5:

I cut the lemon in two halves.

The first one I squeezed to prepare a freshly made lemon juice to sprinkle this salad.

The other half, I cut in small pieces to decorate this mixed diabetic salad.

cut the lemon

Step no.6:

I took some olives to add more taste and decoration to this simple salad.

If you do not like olives (although they are very healthy); it is ok not to add them to your salad.

I add salt to taste and olive oil to my salad and mixed everything altogether.

 olives to add

Step no.7:

At the end, I poured the mixed cabbage and carrot salad in a plate, decorate with some olives and lemon cuts.

Hope you will enjoy it too!

poured the mixed cabbage and carrot salad in a plate

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