Diabetes type1 symptoms

While talking about diabetes type1 symptoms, you must keep in mind the first symptoms, which warn about the diabetes onset.

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If you are not treated correctly, then it comes to advanced type1 diabetes symptoms, and its complications too.

You must understand that diabetes type1 symptoms can come unnoticed. And maybe after sometimes of diabetes onset, when it comes to severe complications, you can realize that you have diabetes.

Some other times, it happens that you can suddenly notice any type1 diabetes symptom. There can be no pre-caution for you to understand what’s going on.

Anyway, don’t worry about how fast the symptoms are set. You must understand the following symptoms to realize that you have type1 diabetes.

Type1 diabetes is an unusual condition which is set up early in life, especially before 30s and in children. If you are a parent of a child that is in risk of developing type1 diabetes, you must educate yourself of the following changes in your child’s habits:

First of all, you must check your child’s bed becomes wet, while it’s usually dry. This can suggest that something wrong is happening to your child. You must take the precautions immediately.

If you have a baby girl, and it happens that your child suffers always from genital yeast infection, before she reaches the puberty age, you must check with your doctor about a possible type1 diabetes onset.

Sometimes, it happens that you can see your child restless, apathic. He/she may face difficulties concentrating and functioning at school while usually he/she has a good performance.

You may notice also, that while your child is growing, it remains underweight, doesn’t improve his/her weight. This happens because your body uses fats and proteins of muscles to provide fuel for its cells.

On the other hand, you may see that your child has an excessive hunger, especially for sweets. But still he/she doesn’t gain weight while growing. Instead they have a continuous weight loss.

Next, you must realize that the following diabetes type1 symptoms can be common even for the adults (i.e. those that have reached puberty and on):

You may notice that there is an increase of the frequency of your urination process. This happens because your body tends to eliminate the excessive sugar accumulated in your bloodstream.

While you lose too much liquid with the increased urination, you feel most of the time thirsty. Your mouth is always dry, and you drink a lot, especially sweet, cold drinks. But, while you drink too much, you eliminate too many liquids and continue with the circulus vicious.

You may feel to be weak, fatigued, without energy, all the time feeling sick for most of the time. Probably you may face flu-like symptoms like viral diseases, tiredness, weakness.

After noticing all these symptoms, immediately go and consult your doctor for future treatment.

But if you don’t realize these problems in time, then it will come to severe diabetes complications. You may face unclear (blurred) vision or maybe other eyesight changes. Or maybe you can face nerve damages, heart disease, kidney damages.

But the most dangerous and threatening for your life is a condition called ketoacidosis. This happens when your blood sugar levels are very high. It happens to your child too.

This condition is caused by some chemicals that are built up in your child’s bloodstream called ketones. These chemicals can cause stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, fruity-odour breath, difficulties in breathing and sometimes losing of consciousness.

Putting all the above together, I repeat you again:

Don’t be panic.

Try to be very alert to all the above symptoms. After recognizing them, consult your doctor for future treatment and cures.

Remember: Your child or you may not have all the above symptoms. They differ from one person to another. But, they are the most common diabetes type1 symptoms that you must be aware of.

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