Benefits of Natural Cures for Diabetes

What are considered as natural "cures" in beating diabetes? 
How to use these herbal remedies to beat diabetes naturally?

How often and what is the best way to have them?

list of  natural cures for  diabetes

 Last review 02/11/2020

With regards to natural cures for diabetes, you should know that they consist of certain natural herbs that you can find in specific regions, together with certain vitamins and minerals.

It is true that there exist certain hypoglycemiant drugs that successfully lower blood sugar level; however, when used together with the natural remedies, you should start consider reducing their dosage until completely stop taking them.


In the following paragraphs, I will try to give short intro regarding each of these natural cures for diabetes.

If you want to read more details on specific remedy, just click on the links provided for each of them. 

Bitter melon as natural remedies

The other scientific name of bitter melon stands for Bitter Gourd Momordica-charantia.

Now days, after many successful scientific researches , it has been demonstrated very effective to diabetics.

As it is believed it contains insulin, consequently, it can give a hand in lowering your sugar blood levels. Therefore, it serves among other natural cures.

How can you use Bitter melon.

It's very simple. You can take bitter melon juice 2 times a day on empty stomach. Or you can cook it as a usual vegetable preparing your daily dishes or salads.

Diabetes and Cinnamon Benefits 

I know that majority of you love cinnamon, especially when preparing certain buns. However, cinnamon can go further your tastes, it can help prevent or lower blood sugar.

In people at risk for diabetes, everyday intake of cinnamon can help you prevent its onset.

On the other part, if you are a type 2 diabetic, cinnamon can help you reduce your high blood sugar levels.

As the results of various research studies speak more than words, you should know about how cinnamon works, how safe it is, and other information before using it.

Even type1 diabetics can benefit from cinnamon intake, reducing their high blood sugar levels. It is true that cinnamon doesn't increase the pancreas insulin production, because it doesn't produce it at all.

However, your stomach will be emptied slowly due to cinnamon actions, preventing your blood glucose reach the high peak.

Interesting what these natural plants can do to optimize your blood sugar levels!

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Gymnema Sylvestre among natural cures for diabetes

As many other natural remedies, gymnema sylvestre was commonly used by Ayuverdic Medicine of Indians.

This huge experience is taken in consideration even in our days to what can gymnema sylvestre do as a natural cure for diabetes.

From scientific researches done since 1990, it has been concluded that G. sylvestre can help  diabetics type1 and 2 in their hard war in controlling blood sugar.

Banaba Plant Insulin

I was really surprised when I’ve first heard about what diabetes banaba cure was about. In fact, I’ve never heard about this plant before, neither that it could be used among natural cures for diabetes.

Now I know that, besides other common names (i.e. Banaba herbs, extract, and leaf or with the scientific name of Lagerstroemia speciosa), it is also commonly known as “plant-insulin" or “botanical-insulin”.

Click here to get to know the scientific facts on banaba as a cure for diabetes.

Vitamin C for Diabetics

Researches have shown that certain anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, if taken with other supplements (considered as natural cures for diabetes) has a great effect on diabetics, helping them lowering high sugar blood levels.

On the other hand, this antioxidant may help reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, a common condition associated with diabetes.

Therefore, the onset of heart stroke is easily delayed, and you may feel well protected.

Garlic ALLICIN completes for insulin inctivation

Since the ancient times, our predecessors, have used garlic and onion among other natural fresh foods. They have used them not only for their taste, but also for the huge benefits they provided.

In our days, we're turning back in the naturally fresh garlic among other remedies for diabetes while enjoying their taste.

The benefits of a diabetic from taking garlic consist not only in lowering high blood sugar level, but also can provide you with a healthy blood circulation.

You can just eat garlic as it is (i.e. raw), or cook along with any other daily dish. Click here to know what the research studies say on the benefits of garlic.

Caffeine and diabetes Yes  or  No?

coffee as  natural cures for diabetes

Many contradictory statements have been shown about caffeine, especially when it comes to its effects on diabetes. However, different studies have concluded that if you take coffee on everyday basis together with changing some of your lifestyle habits, altogether, these could help you lower high blood sugar levels.

Those who can take greater advantages from the use of coffee are type2 diabetics, since Caffeine (the main component in the coffee) can help in decreasing insulin resistance.

However, there is a long way ahead to determine scientifically whether coffee (or caffeine) should be listed among natural cures for diabetes or not.

Chromium helps insulin to take its duty

Chromium Picolate, the active form of Chromium in our body, plays a crucial role as a natural remedy for diabetes. By affecting the insulin receptors' number, chromium helps insulin to take its duty.

In addition, it can reduce the cholesterol and preventing the onset of severe diabetes complications.

Keep in mind that all these natural cures cannot do anything if you take just one of them alone.

Lifestyle and diet changes and implementing the intake of these natural remedies in your daily diabetic menu, could give the results you'd love to have.

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Benefits of Cayenne for diabetics

If you are used to add cayenne pepper powder as flavor to your dishes, get to know now that at the same time, you are getting profit of its medicinal properties.

As cayenne taste is unusual for your body, recommendations are given to start using cayenne in small proportions. With the time passing, you can slowly increase the amount to achieve the desired action.

Basically cayenne can interfere indirectly to your diabetes by increasing your metabolism and also helps you to loose weight.

Other aspects cayenne can help is by alleviating diabetes complications conditions.

Click here to learn scientific facts on benefits of cayenne among natural cures for diabetes.

Green tea for diabetics

Studies have determined two ways through which green tea can affect your blood sugar levels. The first way includes by improving the function of insulin in your body.

To date, in a study of BHNRC, where brewed tea was injected to the fatty cells of the rats; it was associated with an increase to the insulin activity by 15 times. The component to this effect was called catechin EGCG  (epigallocatechin gallate).

The second way is related to the absorption of glucose in your intestines, which is inhibited.  This is a good effect, preventing blood sugar to reach peak levels.

Click here to get more info on how to lower blood sugar by using green tea.

Fenugreek and diabetes

The part of fenugreek that is used for medical purposes is its seeds. Indians are used to dry its seeds and, then, prepare their dishes.

Some other times, they prepare tea. If you like its taste, even you can do so. Let’s see what’s inside fenugreek that can help beating diabetes naturally? Its seeds contain an amino acid called 4-hydroxyisoleucine.

This amino acid may stimulate the secretion of insulin by your pancreas. Another duty is to reduce insulin resistance. As a result, you may have lower blood sugar levels.

Another component fenugreek contains is alkaloids such as gentianine, trigonelline, and carpaine; all of them make sure fenugreek to be listed among other natural cures.

Click here to get to know the real facts on what vanadium can do for diabetes. 

If you find it difficult to find and use all the above natural components, science has generated for you a new all in one product, which contains all the extracts of the above natural cures for diabetes and vitamins, and can lower your high glucose levels.

Or if you find it difficult to understand and manage all the information provided, get a personalized help here.

Explore more herbs.

References: Natural remedies for diabetes type 2 :

Natural herbs for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

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