Blessed Black oil seed and diabetes

by sam
(Bronx NY USA)

Black oil Seed

Black oil Seed

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QUESTION: I have tried the wonderfull black oil seeds in both oil and seeds.

It works great in lowering sugar level in diabetics, it is a real cure for a lot of diseases, it is blessed recommended by the holy prophets.

It is great please try it.



I’m glad that you have found by your own the secret of this remarkable herb. I know that diabetes is a very complicated condition, which requires a lot of strength and dedication to control your blood glucose level.

However, everything is different with the usage of herbs and especially the black seeds and the oil produced by them.

Although this herb is approved by the FDA, I have to warn you that FDA is not controlling the quality of this supplement, so be careful when you are buying it.

However, the good thing is that it can be used on a lot of diseases, like you said. Some of the most popular diseases are arthritis, asthma, diabetes and others.

However, it will be good for you to make a consultation with your doctor, before the treatment with black seeds.

I’m telling you this, because sometimes the usage of these seeds leads to allergic rush on the face and on the arms.

Besides the allergic rush, there is increased possibility for appendicitis, which is something dangerous.

In purpose to be aware of those conditions, make a consultation with your doctor about them.

I don’t know what the exact condition of yours is and what your treatment is, but I hope that everything is ok and you will keep it in that way.


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