Neem Leaves for Diabetes Control

Neam Leaves

Neam Leaves

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QUESTION: Please confirm whether Neem leaves are good for diabetic patients. Means fasting blood sugar level is 120 to 135.


First, with regards to your means fasting blood sugar, I think that they are a little higher than the normal levels.

However, I cannot say the last word because I do not know your acceptable fasting blood sugar levels.

Actually, diabetics like you should set their own glucose levels according to their disease and medical needs.

Your doctor is the only eligible to settle your acceptable glucose levels as he/she knows better your health condition.

  • Now, coming to neem leaves, commonly known as Azadirachta indica or as Indian lilac as well. It contains a α-glucosidase inhibitor, named nimbidiol, which has been shown inhibiting activity of the intestinal glucosidases in clinical trials.

    Meanwhile, in vitro studies have shown antioxidative effect of the neem extract on diabetes-induced mice.

    However, research is still on the way to exactly confirm the role of neem leaves or its extract in diabetes control.

    Hope it helped!


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