The Budwig mixture can cure diabetes

by Glenn Nutting
(Orlando Fl.)

Mandarin Oranges for Budwig mixture

Mandarin Oranges for Budwig mixture

I saw this on another web site that a mixture of four ingredients could cure diabetes. also, you must eat foods with more omega 3 than foods with omega 6. here is the mixture.

You need Flax seed oil, cinnamon, cotage cheese or lain ogurt, and mandarin oranges.

I wold first mix the four table spoons of the refrigerated flax seed oin and the yogurt first before mixing the other two ingredients in.

You take this every day for 3 to 12 months and your blood sugar levels will go back to normal.

By Denis

Ive done a lot of searching for cures on Type 2 Diabetes and discovered the following helps
Gymnema Sylvestre,Momordica(bitter melon),Fenugreek,all can be purchased in capsules,
Ive also discovered that MSM powder and Chia seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar are all very beneficial.

The Budwig Diet cures many many diseases, the mixture is as followMix (4) Tbs of organic 2% low fat Cottage Cheese with (2) Tbs organic cold pressed Flax Seed Oil commonly referred to as (Flax Oil).

It is best (not) to use Flavored, Lignum or Highest Lignum Flax Oil. Two good flax oils are Barlean?s or Spectrum?s cold pressed organic flax oil.

This can be found in the refrigerated section of the grocery or health food store. Never off the shelf. Never capsule or flakes. Watch the expiration date.

Blend the flax oil and cottage cheese together with the immersion blender until reaching a creamy quality and the oil has
been absorbed. There should be no standing oil.

Then add to this mixture if needed, 1-3 Tbs of low fat milk for a creamery mixture and (stir with a spoon) no blender. This mixture should then be poured over the freshly ground flax seed (ground in a coffee grinder) and mixed together by spoon; again no blender.

The ratio may be adjusted for smaller or larger proportions. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is one tablespoon of oil to two tablespoons of cottage cheese. The amount of milk can be adjusted as needed for consistency and easier blending.

Once the mixture is completed it must be eaten immediately for best results. Make fresh each time. you may add fruit if you desire, may be taken up to three times a day depending on the severity of the disease,

Ive also discovered that fasting can reduce blood sugars, im currently doing a ten day water fast and just ended my second day, monday morning when i started my sugar was at 12.2 (english) and now at the end of day two it is at 8.2, cant wait to see what it will be at the end of ten days.

Please, im just an ordinary person adding this information, please research all the contents yourself to see if the remedies are for you,

Dennis Frost

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My way to control sugar
by: Anonymous

I take many (probably too many) natural products to control my blood sugar. Soor I will slowly start eliminating them one by one, or at least lowering frequency/dosage to see what I can do without.

Presently, I take bitter melon, banaba, cider vinegar, gymnema, chromium, vanadium, fenugreek, biotin, alpha lipoic acid, taurine, pterocarpus marsupium, and mulberry. I buy most all my supplements from Swanson Vitamins and am happy with their products.

This morning, mu glucose was 89, and has not gone over 90 for a while now - whether I ate or not. I do eat a very low carb diet as well as using Metamucil every day for blood sugar and cholesterol control.

Botom line is that careful diet and herbal supplements work for me, and will probably work for many others.

diabetes and cancer
by: Anonymous

The Budwig mixture has cured cancer, diabetes, etc. Look it up on the internet along with her cancer protocol. It's sad that her work will never be made public by the medical establishment.

monitor your blood glucose levels
by: Anonymous

Purchase an inexpensive blood glucose meter and check it in the morning before breakfast.

I had a high reading and took bitter melon, cinnamon, juniper berries,fenugreek,gymnema&banaba,and acetyl-carnitine with alpha lipoic acid...two hours later blood sugar was normal.

Supplements work for high blood sugar with no side effects. Also take a pancreatin enzyme to take the load off the pancreas. Benfotiamine is another great supplement for high blood sugar.

Stay away from all grains. Grains are very hard to digest and cause high blood sugar levels. No wheat, corn, soy, they are all gmo.

Stay with organic only....Good luck.

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