Resolving Diabetes and Feet Complications

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How seriously should you take them in consideration? How can you take precautions?

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As a diabetic you should consider feet complications because diabetes can cause various foot problems.

Even if you may have some simple and habitual problem (not token seriously by you), you should take precautions because they may get worse and worse until you get yourself trapped in advanced serious complications.

You may suffer feet problems from two main reasons. The first one is also called neuropathy, and happens when your nerve (or nerves) may be damaged. This leads to losing of feeling in your feet.

The other cause may be probably a poor blood flow in your feet or you may feel that your feet or toes may undergo some unusual changes.

Neuropathy - one of the main reasons you may this condition is because of high blood sugar levels or an unsteady blood sugar range.

This leads to diminish the ability of your feet to feel any sensation such as pain, heat and cold.

What happens in this case is that you cannot feel an injury your feet may undergo. So, if you get a stone or a needle in your shoes, you may not notice it and walk all the day within.

Or maybe this stone or needle or any other cause can make your feet get a blister, but you still don’t feel it.

The only moment you can notice your feet are injured is when your foot skin is broken and got infected.

When your feet nerve (nerves) is (are) damaged, most probably you may see some changes in the shape of your foot and toes. In this case you should discuss with your physician what to do next to prevent further damages and handle the ones onset.

Skin problems. Your feet skin may undergo some changes such as become very dry, or maybe get peeled and cracked.

This is also due to nerve damages caused by high blood sugar levels. Other changes you may notice in your foot skin are calluses, foot ulcers, scars which can lead to skin infection and other serious problems.

When you see callus, don’t try to remove it by yourself. Never do that. It may cause severe skin problems in the future. Never try to remove even by using chemicals. They will get your skin burned.

Instead a pumice stone can help keeping calluses well-controlled. And always try to put on lotions or oils to avoid skin dryness.

You can try to wear non tight shoes, with enough space for your foot and toes, and especially do consider orthopedic shoes. Try to avoid healed ones.

They will make your walking easier and have less diabetes and feet problems.

As a consequence of nerve damage, you may undergo diabetes burning feet or numbness sensation. This reveals that you’re not controlling very well your condition.

One important cause for diabetes and feet complications is poor blood flow in your low extremities. This is due to high blood sugar levels which make your blood vessels rigid and narrow.

If you’re a diabetic and also smoking and drinking alcohol, you should stop doing that. It helps stop your blood vessels getting damaged.

One important thing is also the relation between diabetes and cold feet. This is mostly because you may feel your feet cold. In this case try to warm them up. Be careful of non feeling heat sensantion to avoid burn. Better try warm stocks.

Try to exercise, this helps and stimulates blood flow in your feet and legs.

Remember: watch your feet everyday. Don’t neglect even a single and ordinary change in your feet or leg.

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