Getting Your Medical Diabetic Supplies

Information about test supplies for diabetics and where to find them.

medical diabetic supplies
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I've created this page to give you a little hand in choosing the diabetes test strips and other equipments you need.

These are part of your “diabetes monitoring package” together with your knowledge on beating diabetes in a natural way.

What are test supplies?

Diabetes test supplies include test strips, glucose monitor kits, diabetic lancets and lancing devices, and control solutions.

Maybe you may be frightened with all these equipments. And maybe you’re wondering why you need them? Relax. Nothing comes out with stress. Only trouble. Just relax.

Why do you need test supplies?

You need them to control your blood sugar levels according to your disease stage. That means that if have come out that you have an uncontrolled diabetes, then, it’s very important to measure your blood glucose levels. Your doctor (whom you must be always in touch) will ask you how many times you need to perform these tests.

If you have uncontrolled diabetes or if you're using insulin shots, you may need to perform the glucose test at least four times a day: before meal, two hours after meal, after taking insulin shots, at bedtime. In this way you'll see how well you are controlling diabetes.

Diabetes test supply – list of all “diabetes monitoring package” components.

Blood glucose meter – It’s an equipment used to measure your blood sugar levels. There are several brands in the market. Choose one that is compact in design and easy to use. That could be your greatest way to manage your diabetes.

Diabetes testing strips – A blood glucose meter cannot work if there is no test strips. These can be used by dropping your blood (after pricking) in them. Then your glucose meter will show you how much glucose there is in your blood.

There exist another diabetic test strips which test for ketones, but they are used less.

Diabetic control solutions – your security vial

Diabetic control solutions are used to control if your glucose meter and your diabetes testing strips are working properly. They do contain glucose in the amount to make the diabetes testing strips react.

The test is called glucose control test. It is performed the same way a blood glucose test is, In this case you use diabetic control solution instead of blood.

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