What Is Acceptable Blood Glucose Level For Diabetics?

It is important to diabetics to find out what their acceptable levels should be.

Acceptable Blood sugar Level For Diabetics

Usually, diabetics get high results when they measure their blood glucose levels. Sometimes, they are really worrisome.

It is good to be worried. Diabetes itself brings a lot of complex complications for you and your body.

When you fail to manage your diabetes, these complications can be very hazardous for your health, til causing infinite sufferings or death.

Now, you must understand that I'm not telling you all thee to frighten you. No way. The only aim is to put you synchronized with the right energy to fight your diabetes.

You deserve that positive energy for the hard battle against diabetes and any other negative consequence to your body.

What figures to look for?

Indeed, they are between the normal and ideal sugar level.

In other words, you should look for 120 mg/dl before meals, less than 180 mg/dl two hours after meal, and around 150 mg/dl at bedtime.

As you may see, these are high but not worrying figures for a diabetic. Although the ideal sugar level is under 100mg/dl; however, you cannot achieve this. Therefore, there exist a "tolerance level" for diabetics.

Please take note that although there exists this tolerance, you should put afford to control better your diabetes and to have near normal sugar levels.

At the beginning you cannot succeed, but with the passing of time, this should be your main goal.

Do not sleep over and think that persistent levels of higher than 120mg/dl are good for you although acceptable. By optimizing your blood glucose levels, you will keep also safe from diabetes complications.

What I can suggest to you is to build up your own table of blood glucose levels, write down all the results anytime you measure, and see how well you're been managing your diabetes.

The following blood sugar results table can a be an example for writing your own with associated chart.

acceptable blood sugar level for diabetics

Beating diabetes is a hard battle, which includes fighting against your own greediness to eat everything you see.

In addition, it includes a hard fight of restraining yourself from the old bad habits which can have a bad influence on your diabetes.

If you find it difficult and want to try other alternative to keep your blood sugar level under normal range. However, keep in mind that YOU are the only one who can help yourself fighting diabetes by making your natural step by step changes.

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