Diabetes Diet of Mediterranean Type!

I have found out that the Mediterranean diet is the mostly suggested among the other types for diabetes.

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What’s so special on this diet that makes all dieticians suggest their patients on following it? Does it really work? If yes, how well?

Now, let’s have a look on this diet and see what is it made of?

It’s not an extraterrestrial diet. It contains all the foods recommended for one diabetic: fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in fibres and nutritional elements one should have, especially if you are diabetic.

Also it is rich in unrefined grains, beans, and fish especially cold water fish, nuts, seeds, flaxseed. As the main source of fat, diabetes diet Mediterranean contains olive oil.

Here we are.

This is a well-balanced diet with all the foods one diabetic should eat in order to low sugar blood level, keep it at optimal levels, have a normal weight or even lose weight.

After this, maybe you’re considering to go and live in Mediterranean if you don’t live there. No. Don’t put it like this.

All the foods contained in this special diet, you can find everywhere, even if you live in long distances from Mediterranean.

The only important thing is to eat from all types of food mentioned above. Why?

Now let’s see what nutritional data a Mediterranean diet provides to you.

First of all, it is rich of protective antioxidants, like vitamin C and E, beta-carotene. Also, it contains what are called phytonutrients, which together with antioxidants helps reducing insulin resistance and beta cell dysfunction.

(To remind you what beta cells are and insulin resistance , for more info visit information on diabetes mellitus).

This Mediterranean diet comprises fibers, necessary to slow down the food digestion rate and reduce the amount of glucose disseminated into the bloodstream. Fresh fruits, vegetables, but especially nuts and legumes, help your body feeling full and stop eating excessive food.

What is more, whole grains, vegetables, nuts and legumes, supply to your body magnesium, very important element used by your body cells to produce energy. From many studies, it has been shown that diabetic people have mostly magnesium insufficiency.

The only sources of fat in a Mediterranean diet are olive oil, nuts,walnuts, seeds, flaxseed, fish especially cold water fish. And all of them supply to your body healthy fats. Olive oil contains oleic acid, very important to reduce insulin resistance and increase fat burning.

Also, these foods, especially flaxseed, walnuts, cold water fish supply to your body omega-3-fatty acids, which reduce insulin resistance, and your body cells can well-respond to insulin signal, and well-use the glucose.

Some dietitians put moderate red-wine consumption as part of diabetes diet Mediterranean. But looking at what alcohol consuming, even in moderate amounts can do to your body, it makes more harm than good.

So, I don’t recommend you moderate red-wine consumption, but instead, I recommend all these nutrient-rich foods, that supply fewer calories to your body.

And in this way, your sugar blood level would be lower, and you can lose weight too.

In this way you are very protected from diabetes.

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