Are Walnuts a Measure of Preventing or Curing Diabetes?

There is an increase popularity in using supplements in nowadays. It is much easier to have pills containing multivitamins and minerals rather than consuming foods. 

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That is practically ok if we are working all day long and have little time for ourselves, especially when it comes to satisfy its “healthy needs”.

I am not going to judge any of you who have made such decision. I want to make you think twice: nature is a gift of healthy beneficial foods; why to throw this opportunity away?

Today, I decided to write on walnuts. There are two big walnut trees in my yard that inspired me to share this info with you. They are really nice, especially now, where there are some small nuts in their branchesJ)).

Prevention of Diabetes by using Walnuts


Eating walnuts as a preventive measure of diabetes has been studied in various human groups, especially in women. As they contain less carbohydrates, and more fat and proteins, they do not affect blood sugar levels, especially of post-prandial.

Furthermore, their consumption with food would positively affect the oxidative damages after eating. To make it simple, studies has confirmed that when walnuts are added to bread or potato and rice meals, the oxidative marker “thiol” was less destroyed than when nuts were not added.

It is true that walnuts are high in fat, but they contain the “good” unsaturated fats. Studies in women have confirmed that when walnut was added to their diet, the subjects were more prone to lose weight, exercise more, and consuming more fish.

Altogether, they are great indicators of being healthy and prevent health problems.

Curing Diabetes with Walnuts

Speaking with research words, eating 30 grams of walnuts provides more unsaturated (good) fats than when low protein diet is applied. Researchers do claim what I’ve always been telling you:

“Eating low fat is good...., but including key foods that deliver the right type of fat – in this case walnuts -- is also important.”

I am not here to promote walnuts or any other food or whatever, but this deep knowledge should lead us to the right decisions in choosing the right foods for our health benefits. 

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