List of foods that control diabetes

The principal reason that you need to choose foods that control diabetes is to get a better balance of carbs, proteins, and fats in your every day meal plan.

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In fact, all this type of food does not impact diabetes, especially proteins, and low carb foods. In a single word they are called diabetes foods.

Actually, the main reason you’re in this page is to get the list of foods you have to put in your daily diabetic meal plan.

In this way you’ll be safe and get a better control of your diabetes.

What I’ve done is to bring the diabetes foods all together divided in two major categories. The first one I’ve called “pure foods” and the second category I’ve called “herbs”.

All the two categories do the same job. They help you get a better control of your diabetes, that’s why they’re also include in the controlling diabetes group.

Now, below I’ve list down the first category of such foods. Generally, they are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates.

This is why they are ideal choice for people with diabetes.

1- Broccoli.

2- Oat meal.

3- Spinach.

4- Green beans.

5- Capsicum.

6- Tomato.

7- Apple.

8- Coconut water.

9- Yogurt.

10- Leafy green vegetables.

11- Asparagus.

12- Onion.

13- Fenugreek seeds.

14- Cauliflower.

15- Carrots

As I’ve been telling you above, the second category of diabetes foods includes “herbs”. They do mimic insulin function.

In this way they give you a hand at keeping your blood sugar levels under control. Don’t you think this sound as magic? It’s not.

This is real. Just find the right “herbs” and make a wonderful tea with them and go on managing your diabetes.

1- Bitter melon. (Momordica charantia)

2- Garlic.

3- Bengal gram.

4- Cinnamon.

5- Gymnema sylvestre.

6- Banaba.

7- Chromium.

8- Artichoke.

9- Alpha Lipoic Acid.

10- Guggul Extract.

11- Licorice Bark Extract.

12- Chili and peppers.

13- Biotin

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