What are Normal Range Blood Sugar Levels?

Normal Range Blood Sugar Levels

The normal range of blood sugar levels you should aim is the levels below 100 mg/dl and higher than 80 mg/dl.

The following table shows the normal adult blood sugar levels. At the same time, you need to have the entire blood sugar level chart , which will show the entire glucose reading depending the type of test you're performing.

It's true that the drugs can successfully control your blood sugar level, but their side effects would make them undesirable for your body.

NORMAL or DANGEROUS    Type Your Blood sugar Level:    mg/dl
normal range chart

Achieving normal blood glucose range naturally – a hard battle of beating diabetes.

If you’re a diabetic, you’ll starve having normal blood sugar range each time you perform any of the tests . It’s like an ideal achievement you must arrive at.

And you’re right. The battle toward this achievement is very hard. But: NEVER SURRENDER!

The best way I suggest you is natural achievement. Everything which comes from nature is our body’s companion.

Why shouldn't you use this "natural gate" of beating diabetes? 

What do you think? What affects normal blood glucose range?

There are many factors that affect your blood sugar levels. There are some of them that you can take full control as shown in the following chart.

Normal Glucose Range

So, as the pharmaceutical machinery grows up, it has succeeded on "making up" new natural remedies to help you keep your blood sugar levels within the normal range, and improving your health condition.

They have included some herbs, vitamins and minerals, which mimic the insulin missing. In this way, your body doesn't starve the lack of insulin.

Keep in mind that they do not really cure your condition, but they do relieve its symptoms and helping you to keep blood glucose within the normal range naturally and have a good health state.

The list below will help you recognize some of these "natural remedies" and you will get to know more on how they can help you beat diabetes naturally.

1- Bitter melon. It has high content in insulin, which your body starves when you're diabetic. In this way, it helps you by lowering your sugar blood level. And you can beat your diabetes naturally without side effects.

2- Cinnamon. It can stimulate the production of insulin from the pancreas and also help to slow down the emptiness of the stomach. What you can do is to add cinnamon powder to almost everything you eat every day.

Normal Range Blood Sugar Levels natural cures

3- Gymnema sylvestre. From scientific proven researches done since 1990, have been concluded that it can help diabetic type1 and 2 people in the hard war of beating the diabetes naturally. Gymnemic acid can reduce the intestinal glucose uptake and, thus you can have low blood sugar levels.

4- Alpha Lipoic Acid. Fights against oxidative damage to the lungs and vascular system. It can also support healthy peripheral insulin sensitivity, insulin function, and healthy blood sugar balance.

5- Chromium. has been shown in studies to improve glucose and lipid effects. Chromium affects the number of receptors for insulin, in this way it helps insulin to take its duty.Also, it can reduce the cholesterol and preventing the severe diabetes complications.

6- Licorice Bark Extract. has been suggested in studies to be effective against unhealthy blood sugar.

7- Biotin. supports healthy fasting blood glucose, supports healthy plasma triglyceride balance, and improves glucose intolerance.

8- Zinc deficiencies can result in hair loss, diarrhea and skin lesions and could adversely affect eyesight, taste, smell, and memory function.

9- Banaba. It is commonly known as "plant-insulin' as well as "botanical-insulin". Due to its active components, a lipoic acid called corosolic acid and tannins (lagerstroemin), found in its extract, it can help you improve your blood sugar levels.

Altogether, these herbs with the changes in your lifestyle and diet habits you make will help you achieve normal range levels. However, you will need strength and determination.

I want to remind you also that if you are under treatment with insulin injections, absolutely do not stop taking them. Better check with your doctors when deciding.

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